Saturday, 3/3, InformationWar Discussion Group on Discord

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You Are Invited

Discord Invite


2pm - 3pm CST (8pm-9pm UTC)
@truthforce will record a podcast from 3pm-4pm on the channel (CST), you are welcome to stay and participate!


Informationwar awareness week

  • (8) Action Items were set from last week's discussion; we have accomplished (6) of them, and are working on the other two
  • We have tripled our Discord team
  • We have generated 300 SP in delegation to the account
  • A discussion on Discord led to an invitation to Dr. Jerome Corsi to join, we are awaiting his decision, as he is busy re-organizing his own network

I say this week has been a great success!

See y'all tomorrow!

Weekly Informationwar Discord Discussion + Action Items Feb 24, 2018

Progress on Informationwar So Far This Week


This is great. Trying to rearrange my schedule for tomorrow, hoping I'll be able to make it. Re-Steemed!

hope to see you there; we will post a summary of the meeting, and @truthforce will record a podcast in the hour following

thanks for RS!

How do i join your team?
Am interested please.

there is a chat service called discord; we have an invite link at the top of the page ;)

Thank you, i will join in soon