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Hey everyone, @truthforce writing.

@wakeupnd(co-leader of @informationwar) has created a bot that will allow whitelisted users to upvote one of their #informationwar posts each day. This post will lay out the details of requirements, what it is, what it is to be used for, and how to sign up. This is our Beta roll out, and many things are subject to change when we review the upvote bot data and how well things work. To give a rough time frame this will be in Beta for at least 3 months. At a later time we will take it out of Beta with a more comprehensive post that details the changes we are going to make and why.


Steempower Delegation to sign up for whitelist and benefits

We have two tiers we are doing right now, Silver and Gold. These are subject to change(more can be added or just one tier might exist in the final iteration), as well as upvote % provided are subject to change up or down. As you all are aware, there is a limited amount of upvote % recharged each day(ten 100% upvotes each day), so as more users start to get whitelisted the total % available for upvoting is consumed. The more users of the bot there are the more Steempower delegated to the upvote bot.

Silver Tier - 30% upvote once daily, possibility of having your post upvoted by @truthbot(random chance), 200 SP delegation to @informationwar required

Gold Tier - 50% upvote once daily, possibility of having your post upvoted by @truthbot(random chance), 300 SP delegation to @informationwar required

  • As of August 17th 2019 a 50% upvote rewards the following on Steem and on Palnet

Steem(Steem rewards are currently 75% Author 25% Curator, this is changing to 50%/50% soon)

Palnet (Palnet rewards are 50% Author 50% Curator)

Requirements and Rules

The purpose of this upvote bot is to lighten the load on our curation team and empower the community. A lot of us have been burned out manually curating for almost 12 months now. It takes time to read EVERYTHING and upvote it. By whitelisting #informationwar writers who are in good standing, good character, and who we can trust we can take some of this off our shoulders.

  • Must be a post that you have written or a video you have created, and is related to #informationwar, this post will tell you what is related to informationwar, what this group is about, and the reasons behind what we do. Whitelisted members will only use the upvote on their own account that is whitelisted. If you use it on to upvote other people's accounts we may permanently suspend you from the upvote bot.

  • Must use #palnet on all posts/video uploads. Our bot has a lot of Palpower as well and we need the #palnet tag on your post so that you get all of the upvote power you should be getting. If you are not using the #palnet it can be grounds for being banned from the upvote bot. The reason for this is that half of our upvoting power is tied up in Palpower, when you write a post without #palnet tag it wastes our upvoting power. This leads to a situation where our total voting power on Steem blockchain will be at 80% and our Palnet upvoting power is at 100%.

  • Length of a written post should be at least 2 paragraphs and have sources cited. Video posts to have a 1 or 2 sentence summary of what is discussed in the video, as well as sources you used.

  • Things that may get you banned from our bot: starting flag wars with people, taking actions that cause unnecessary drama that shines a bad light on our effort or CONTINUOUSLY makes us look bad, cussing someone out, doxxing, illegal content, threatening others, advocating violence(we are a peaceful group), plagiarizing, copying and pasting others work, taking credit for other people's work by rewriting what they wrote to avoid plagiarism detection, etc.

How to apply

  • Delegate 200 or 300 SP to @informationwar

  • The bot works via discord, you will need to sign up and create an account, and join our server here. If you are not in discord the bot will not work.

  • Once you delegate 200 SP or 300 SP, you need to do one of these things. Comment on this post with your discord username and let us know you want to apply, or send a private message to TruthForce#9168 or wakeupnd#1966 on discord. From there we will vet you for the whitelist.

  • We will take a look at your post history, the comments you make, your content, ensure it is inline with #informationwar criteria(relating to what we are all about), check your content to ensure no plagiarism/copying pasting/calls for violence/illegal content, etc.

  • Once accepted you will be shown how to use the upvote bot in discord to upvote your post, and will be awarded a Silver or Gold rank in our discord server with elevated privileges.

Term of using the upvote bot

We reserve the right to ban or unban anyone from using the upvote bot, for any reason, with or without warning. We will make our best efforts to contact you if we see issues with how you are using the bot. When you delegate SP to @informationwar it takes 7 days for it to be undelegated should you choose to undelegate, be aware that we cannot speed up that process in any way, we don't make up the value difference for the 7 days of that undelegate. IE that SP that you delegated isn't making you money while it is delegated to us(the value comes from having access to the upvotebot). If you delegate to us and decide you would like to undelegate please let us know via discord.

For example, if you delegated to us 10,000 SP you are without that SP until you undelegate. Once you undelegate it takes 7 days. During that 7 days @informationwar still has the SP delegated to it, at the end of the 7th day it doesn't.

This is a work in progess. Terms subject to change at our whim, this document and post subject to change at our whim. Things will be updated in this post and there may even be a future post outlining these updates. Upvote % can change up or down depending on how many people use the upvote bot. The amount of SP/Palpower on our curation trail has and that is delegated to us will go up or down. No sort of refund exists as you are not paying us anything. Being able to use this bot will be determined by above specified criteria and our judgment.


Congrats on setting up this bot.
I've just upped my delegation from 100 to 300 SP and want to apply. I'm a long time informationwar delegator and poster.

Thanks! We will get back to you soon on how to use the bot :)

I was thiinking of delegating to you guys a few days back but totally forgot. Time to fix that! I don't use the tag much but you deserve it for the effort you are putting into this.

Thanks man, much appreciated!

Did you have a discord name that joined our discord server? We can elevate your discord name to the Gold Status and you can use the bot for any posts you make that is #informationwar related(once per day).

And thanks!

@truthforce writing

Just a note for people that already delegate 200+ sp.

I will be adding everyone that qualifies currently to the new silver and gold supporter roles in discord soon. Once you're added to one of the new roles you'll be able to use the upvote bot.



@wongshiying 老王 迎着台风 开着宝马 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Hello @informationwar I would like to know if your program is able to work with the HoboDAO project. We could delegate 300 SP, but the problem is that our program is not about what WE post.

The HoboDAO is a daily submission-based contest of high quality independent journalism and informative blogging. The posts that we curate are not ours but those that have submitted their own content for review or someone submitting their content for review to us.

We have a curating group called Casters that will review all submitted articles daily and decide a day or two later to reward the top 5 for that 24 hour period.

We are partnered with various projects and would like to be partnered with yours. We are partnered with Engage that is a game token and plan to reward game articles that get within our daily top 5 with Engage tokens, Hobo tokens, Trendo tokens and a 100% upvote.

This is also true for NaturalProducts.today, another SCOT community we are partnered with. So, we can be tag-specific in rewards such as your palnet tag requirement.

Would it be firmly against your rules if your bot was used to curate the "informationwar" specific content? So, for example, let's say that a piece of content matched your community's criteria, our Casters could be trained to make certain only to utilize your bot for content that was submitted in our contests and matched your "palnet" and "informationwar" tags.

If this seems reasonable to you please DM on discord or join our discord server here:


Thank you for your time.

Our curators already go through the #informationwar and upvote posts, having casters being trained to do the same thing wouldn't be necessary. Also, the upvote bot is only for upvoting a post that you yourself would write, not for upvoting others.

Okay, thank you for your time.

The one thing we were looking for right now was more people to create videos/podcasts and upload to a shared youtube channel. We got 3,000 views in the last 30 days because we started regularly posting. it is me(@truthforce) and chieppa1 doing that right now.If we have a 3rd or 4th person creating content the channel would grow much faster. We report on the latest breaking news in an effort to scoop the MSM, and then we get search results that continuously give our videos views over time. Certain topics are good for that.

If you or anyone you know was interested in helping out with that let us know!

I checked out your youtube channel. I think we definitely have similar motivations. You guys and I seem to share a focus on independent journalism and more moderate, centrist thinking rather than taking a hard political side. I'd love working with you guys, at the moment I'm little busy working on the HoboDAO, but if I can fit it in I'd love to do it.

Good stuff! Yeah we are more centrist or right leaning libertarians for the most part. Let me know if you get some more free time @truthforce writing

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