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Hey all @truthforce writing

Myself and @chieppa1 have been creating videos and podcasts, uploading to Youtube + BitChute + 3speak and have started to gain some traction. I want to bring on 1 or 2 more video creators to help our growth as we spread out more on other platforms.

Our Stats!




Our Goals

The goal is to get thousands of subscribers within the next 3 to 4 months, and to start having money come in via merch sales/referral links/subscriptions/patreon type stuff. Our views are starting to gain us a lot of traction and more subs. We need to get to having 2 to 4 videos uploaded daily to the channel in order to grow rapidly.

We have a website where we will have the ability to have referral links hosted and if people buy through the links we all share the money. This is a work in progress and we haven't had any sales just yet. We also will have merchandise like t-shirts and coffee mugs people will be able to order, I have someone who can do graphic designs for our stuff. Our Youtube channel can get monetized at 1,000 subscibers.

In the past I have had a gaming youtube channel where I had about 10,000 subscribers and also worked with other gaming channels before. I know the ins and outs of growing a youtube channel and social media. I frequently post our content on other platforms to get us views, content does especially well on reddit.

If you are interested please send me a message on discord TruthForce#9168 or reply in a comment below. Join our discord here https://discord.gg/XFmMQHu


I uploaded the Portland protests last year. And updates live this year.

I uploaded the
Portland protests last year. And
Updates live this year.

                 - ganjafarmer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Do you have any interest in making multiple videos each week? We try to focus on the breaking news stuff right now so we can get the views/subs. As we get more subscribers we will have regularly hosted solo podcasts and group podcasts

@ganjafarmer were you interested in making some videos?

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Hey mang.

Got a new video in the works. Happy to provide a copy for you guise to publish on your decentralized news platforms (not interested in any profit share - this is a donation to your cause).

I'm pumped to devote more time into making a decentralized news network a reality, with co-operation being a way to go forward together.

tl;dr fuck legacy media, fuck social media giants.

Sure thing, send me a message on discord and I can help get you setup.