Who did you vote for in the 2020 U.S. General Elections?

I voted for Trump in 2020 who will win in a landslide.

I voted for Loren Culp for WA governor.

I voted against tax increases.

2020 USA Presidential Election Plan

Here are scans of my solicited mail-in ballot as seen below.

2020 U.S. General Election

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Who did you vote for in the 2020 U.S. General Elections?

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-24
Published in October of 2020

2020 General Election 04 - President.png
What is the plan?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2020 U.S. General Election

Vote for U.S. President Trump

I am in Precinct 236-1 or District 35 which is by the airport in Shelton, WA, USA.

Washington State voters should read this

This website shows you who not to vote for

Washington state 2020 General Election voter's guide

Washington state 2020 General Election voter's guide

WA Governor Loren Culp @LorenCulp on Twitter

Readers, please encourage Culp to go on Alex Jones because many of the Infowars listeners are WA voters who will vote for Culp.

WA Lt. Governor Joshua Freed @FreedForLTGov on Twitter

WA Attorney General Matt Larkins @LarkinForAG on Twitter

Kim Wyman | @KimWyman12 on Twitter
Vote Kim Wyman for WA Secretary of State

John Komen will preserve public power in Mason
Tom Farmer appears to be for rural broadband expansion which includes 5G which gives children cancer.

Resolution No. 20-03

Vote No or Rejected for the Fire Protection regarding Fire Truck and Equipment Bonds for Shelton, WA. Instead, they should raise the money. Have fundraisers. Start a Go Fund Me page for this. Start a PayPal account for this endeavor. Keep government out of it. People should do it themselves as opposed to relying too much on governments, central banks, etc.

Increased Taxes

To pay back the bond (loan) via excess property taxes. The bond is set at $371,000 of general obligation bonds maturing in 6 years and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds.

Fire District 11 Considering Bond
City of Shelton Completes Bond Refunding Process, Saves $3 Million
A bond is a big multi-decade loan which can be dangerous


Justice Debra L. Stephens | Chief Justice Debra L. Stephens | Ballotpedia | Spokesman

Who did you vote for?

Here are scans of my solicited (not unsolicited) mail-in ballot (not ballots) plus my election notes as seen in my "Voter's Pamphlet." My name is Joseph Scott Arnold or Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I'm voting in the 35th district of Washington State (WA) of the United States of northern America (USA), which is in Shelton city of the Mason County which is north of Olympia, WA.

Why did you publish this web page?

The purpose of this article or post is to keep a receipt, a proof, a backup copy, in case somebody ends up not counting my ballot. I didn't sign up to be a poll watcher and the United Nations and others are trying to make sure Trump loses as they try their best to oversee and count Biden votes while attempting not to count Trump votes and so forth. I've written many articles relating to voter fraud, ballott harvesting, election meddling, not to mention what the fake news and tech cartels do.

Who did you vote for?

I voted mostly for Republicans as they were potentially a better pick. I may have voted for a few independent candidates possibly or maybe not. I accidentally voted for a few allegedly progressive judges. Outside of that, these rest of my votes were probably solid. But I think I voted for a few leftist justices and I also wrote in random people like Kanye West, Alex Jones, Steven Crowder, Tiffany Cumbo, Sawyer Frye, Mike Kurtz, Lincoln Hawk, Hercules Roberto, Stephan Molyneux, Bill Bailey, Ric Garland, Laura Loomer, Jimmy Williams, Blake Webb, Mark Dice, Adam Jack Wills, Tommy Robinson, Lauren Chen, Barry Goldwater, David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Josh Ewing, Julian Assange, Oatmeal Joey Arnold (me, but I didn't vote for myself, just wrote it in and picked somebody else), Rick Honduras Arnold.

Rough Draft

This post is an incomplete rough draft outline summarizing who and what I voted for in the 2020 U.S. General Election but I don't really go into details here.


I also want to educate people on some of the candidates and some of the issues which I ran across while voting in 2020. I voted for the first time for John McCain in 2008 and also voted in 2018 as well.

Where is my vote?

To check the status of your ballot, your vote, you can go to VoteWA.gov, that is if you've voting in Washington State. If you're in another state, you could try to Google or search for an official website which can help you.

My Ballot

My Mail-in Ballot as follows:

2020 General Election 01.png

2020 General Election 02.png

2020 General Election 03.png

2020 General Election 05.png

2020 General Election 06 - Governor.png

2020 General Election 07.png

2020 General Election 08.png

2020 General Election 09.png

2020 General Election 10 - End of ballot part.png

2020 General Election 11 - Envelope Back.png

2020 General Election 12 - Envelope Front.png

2020 General Election 13 - Envelope Inside.png

2020 General Election 14 - Yellow.png

2020 General Election 15 - Yellow 2.png

2020 General Election 16.png

2020 General Election 17.png

2020 General Election 18.png

2020 General Election 19.png

2020 General Election 20.png

2020 General Election 21.png

2020 General Election 22 - Translations required.png

2020 General Election 23 - Referendum 90 - Rejected - Let Parents do that.png

2020 General Election 24 - Advisory 32, 33.png

2020 General Election 25 - Advisory 34, 35.png

2020 General Election 26 - Resolution 8212.png

2020 General Election 27 - Resolution 8212 - Part 2.png

2020 General Election 28 - Biden, Harris.png

2020 General Election 29 - Envelope Drawing Inside.png

2020 General Election 30 - Trump, Pence.png

2020 General Election 31.png

2020 General Election 32.png

2020 General Election 33.png

2020 General Election 34.png

2020 General Election 35.png

2020 General Election 36.png

2020 General Election 37.png

2020 General Election 38.png

2020 General Election 39.png

2020 General Election 40 - Culp.png

2020 General Election 41.png

2020 General Election 42.png

2020 General Election 43.png

2020 General Election 44.png

2020 General Election 45.png

2020 General Election 46.png

2020 General Election 47.png

2020 General Election 48.png

2020 General Election 49.png

2020 General Election 50.png

2020 General Election 51.png

2020 General Election 52.png

2020 General Election 53.png

2020 General Election 54.png

2020 General Election 55.png

2020 General Election 56.png

2020 General Election 57.png

2020 General Election 58.png

2020 General Election 59.png

2020 General Election 60.png

2020 General Election 61.png

2020 General Election 62.png

2015-01-26 Joeyarnoldvn Oatmeal Joey Arnold Oregon JSA OJawall JA Forest Grove OR FG FGHS WOLBI SA TSA The Salvation Army Vietnam Saigon Hanoi Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Smith Hocking Hawk Lincoln Hawks WA Washington Shelton New York NYC Word of Life Bible Institute ABC YouTube Facebook Twitter Google Alex Jones Bill Gates Informationwar Infowar Ironic Mystic Pickett Pickell Joeyarnold Joeyarnold7 JoeyarnoldTV iJustine Metal Gear USA United States of America 1900's 2000's stefan molyneux clam conspiracy theorist donald john j trump soros hitler Cool Kid Ghetto Joe Jo high school revolution hawaii ea pab l4oj l4ojsa l4r hope over dope infowars west virginia vn asia American English Teacher Add Me 1980's 1990's 2010's 2020's 2016 Michael Jordan Jackson Jesus God Devil Satan Nationalism Over Globalism Bowl Soul Oats Battle Star Wars Trek Matrix JA GROUP YEAR END PARTY PIC.jpg
Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?


Trump Deactivated

Ted Jackson on Facebook

They've said they'll concede and elect their own President of the Leftist States of America (LSA)

Who is easier to beat for Trump 2020, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden?

Documents Show Kentucky Election Was Rigged!

Ted Jackson - United Way of Mason County - YouTube - iFiberone News Radio

Elect Thomas “Tommy” Mayes for Mason County Commissioner in 2020


Whitener, Serns compete in Washington State Supreme Court election

They're saying that when Trump loses in 2020, that if Trump contests, they must forcefully remove him

Daniel L. Goodell is a judge for the Mason County Superior Court in Washington. Goodell was appointed to the court by Governor Jay Inslee in November 2014, and took the bench on January 1, 2015. Goodell ran unopposed for election in 2015.

Gov. Jay Inslee Thursday appointed Monty Cobb to the Mason County Superior Court.

Amber Finlay

Gov. Jay Inslee today announced that he is appointing Lisa L. Sutton to the Washington State Court of Appeals

Raquel Montoya-Lewis is a judge the left is promoting

Charles Johnson is also another leftist pick who I accidentally voted for

Justice G. Helen Whitener is endorsed by progressives

Chief Justice Debra L. Stephens was first appointed to the state Supreme Court in 2008 by Gov. Christine Gregoire and is a leftist pick

Ted Jackson is a long-time law enforcement professional. United Way of Mason County Welcomes New Executive Director- Ted Jackson.


John Komen Announces Candidacy for PUD 3 Commission

Farmer Running For Re-Election to PUD 3


Leftist leaning National Women's Political Caucus of Washington State 2020 General Election endorsements

Gov. Inslee announces appointment of Daniel Goodell to new Mason County judge position

Judge Tosses Citizenship-Based Complaint Against Mejia, Orders Pettit to Pay Court Fees

First Debate Between Trump & Biden

The Chinese Virus was engineered

The New Normal

2020 USA Presidential Election Plan

Homer Versus Obama

Border Flood

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