'Fake News' Accusations as a Smokescreen to Discredit Truth and Keep Us Enslaved

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WARNING: This is fake news! Do not pay attention to this fake news!

Did it work? Does me saying something is fake news show how it's fake news? Why does this seem to work for the public when the mainstream media says it?


The media, government and academic establishment is trying to control what people will consider valid to think about. There are efforts to blacklist YouTube channels, Facebook groups, and even develop AI that can filter at the level of search engines.

I don't watch the news or TV and don't catch up on current events much. If I did, I would probably hear more about fakenews. But I do read some things now and then. The recent mainstream claim of Syrian chemical attacks on it's own people have been shown to actually be fake news, from the originators of fake news, the mainstream media. Meanwhile, they say anything that contradicts their "real news" is the actual fake news.

The mainstream media's claims of fakenews is not real news about something being fake, the real fakenews is mostly the claim by the media that other news is fake.

Calling something "fakenews" is just an obfuscation technique (a smokescreen) used to mask and hide the news they don't want people to even consider. The majority of people's perception of reality is based on information they get form the scripted and controlled news. Even if they didn't point to something specific as fakenews, they can simply create an aura of "fakenews" hype and fear and people think there is this serious fakenews problem.

Facebook was being pressured to deal with the alleged "fakenews", because apaprently "fakewnews" tipped the election in Trumps favor. That was nearly two years ago. Near that time, I was visiting someone, and the TV was on a morning news show, where they made a passing comment on how they are not fake news, they are the "real news". Apparently when other alternative sources contradict you, that's the fakenews when your the "real news" that takes your cures from the establishment narrative...

It's laughable, isn't it? These parrots who repeat what they are told uncritically, want to purvey themselves as speakers "truth",of "reality" as "real news". Things like pizzagate is fakenews, we heard it from them, it must be true that it's fake. Don't bother to look into it yourself.

Network - We're In A Lot Of Trouble!

If you haven't seen that movie, Network is a classic about how we live and are conditioned to think and believe what "the tube" tells us. Television influences what we think and what we do. The tube has a hold on most people. They fall in line and fall for the selection race every 4 years, hoping for change by abdicating their personal responsibility to another who is to be the next ruler over large aspects of their lives...

defense.gov, Public domain

Is this all a smokescreen? What is a smokescreen implying? Warfare, whereby someone masks and hides what they are doing. There is a war in information, an #informationwar.

We are under attack in our minds with manipulation by the media and government to uncritically believe in their narrative, sold as the "authentic reality". This is a war on those of us who don't want to have masters and owners in our lives. They expect the gullible masses to look the other way while they bomb innocent people and try to take over other lands under false pretexts. They invent stories for us to accept as reality, when it's built on lies. Will it continue to work this way, or will the Internet break the silence? I think we have a chance.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I only watch the "real fake news , fake news real news story behind fake news " to insure I'm not getting fake news .

LOL, that was confusing :P

Almost all "news" is fake including about 90% of what is on Steemit! White noise is an effective tactic.

Yup. TV is filled with noise garbage to fill the mind...

Social media is used for socializing and interacting with disseminating and sharing about positive content. However, There are some who use it only disseminate information containing negative content. If this happens And let it be, then it will be feared to be dangerous for the younger generation today. I think there are now many groups that proactively invite the community to be more intelligent in the use of social media. I also really like the information from you @krnel about the news "Fake News". This is also a way of making people aware of social media.

The Government should also continue to reduce the spread of hoaxes or counterfeit news by drafting legislation in which sanctions impose sanctions for Internet users who participate in disseminating negative content.

Greetings from me to @krnel because of your post it gives me a new understanding in seeing a news True or Wrong news. I also support you @krnel.

It should be up to your mind and free thinking to evaluate info, not have government restrict it. Getting h government involved will just give them more control over our minds.

So true @krnel. Fake news is, misinformation that people fall for—it is nothing new. They are set loose via social media with catchy headlines and attractive images, intended for no other purpose than to fool readers and generate advertising revenues for their publishers”. - Snopes.

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