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Free and Classy,
what independence teaches.


The past July 5 in Venezuela was commemorated 207 years of having declared independence and the concept of waiting among the social policy that is currently in the territory are still traces of that imposing imperial colony under the same techniques so that people do not lose the class and its lifestyle.

Fuente buscar

Marketing as a tool for the programmer of consciences and other situations of globalization.

brand things and fight for them, well!

We know well the consequences of the colonizations, empires and the struggle of class and equality that have been generated in the history of mankind.

I can not do the crazy
No and never!
I can not be crazy about the nature of the empire and its capital form.
Of its forms of evil and of getting sick.
Of their ways of manipulating and stupidizing
Of its beauty and its food.
Inhuman figure that makes it possible to see the brands
Of cancer material that even air is not pure and to breathe
Of the entries without exit with the reason to dominate
I CAN NOT DO THE MAD when the characteristics of my land, in riches, resemble those of the same Africa that is without water.
Not now, never!
Not when we are testimony of depravity and cannibalism
Not before his misery
I can not do the crazy
and less
BIT THE VISTA consuming me what sickens, kills and stupidizes !!
I can not go crazy to be of that nature.
understand! ...
Although its nature does not allow to understand or think!

Fuente Propia

Do we know what the upper class believe, right?

With the blood boiling people from all sides was organized to finish and remove from Venezuela those who had never allowed him freedom. No right to education, land, housing, beliefs, language, culture and equality; those blacks, peasants and peasants, humble and truly poor people accompanied in gallop by those sensitized who assumed the struggle for a sovereign and free Venezuela, for a united and strong South America.

Currently in resistance is a system of government alternative to capitalism through the storm that involves rebellion to the empires being blacks, Indians, cathers, the neighborhood, peasants and women who this time somewhere in the world want to try, be different . Self determined.

Venezuela as well as other territories of the South of America have lived in recent years an uprising of the upper class population in those countries whose position does not please imperial orders generating a violent wave of words and action in order to oppose and avoid at any cost that his independence.

Here we reach the point that even the most gay is respected, to put any case.

Diapositiva2.JPGfuente propia

Today the sensitized to our history and our people we continue in resistance over the material is our patriotic spirit.
Despite the little dirty stuff that did not learn anything other than fuck the other I stay here, firm, loyal and passionate.

Today I live with a memory full of struggles

With the emotion of being from this land

Heiress in Sucre, Bolívar and Miranda

Passionate in black drums and peasant passages

Being the crazy woman who paints on a hill like Reverón

And a thousand struggles to rest in a pantheon

Live the independence!

Long live Venezuela!

I'm South




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