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RE: You Want The Truth? "You Can't Handle The Truth!" The NWO & The Truth Movement Psyop

After reading a few of your posts in one sitting, I have much to say that I believe you seem open-minded enough to entertain. I am leaving this comment only to remind myself to do so tomorrow or whenever I am next on the internet, as I have to go now. But, I appreciate your mind and believe that a conversation could prove very fruitful for us both in ascertaining the most likely future, and how best to address it.


Thank you @lordless.exile .. I'm open-minded to many ideas, opinions and perspectives, and can entertain/consider several at any given time. I'll be on and off here over the next week or so. :)

I really don't know where to begin, as you have said a lot. This comment may be very disorganised, but I will try to share all of my relevant thoughts.

To begin, as far as the 20% who will never capitulate - I think this has been replaced, thanks to modern media and advanced subliminal programming (probably written by machine learning algorithms at this point), by a 20% who believe they are working against the agendas of the architects of society - buy who are in fact doing their bidding.

There's a lot of "anarchists" and anti-government peoples out there nowadays, and I think the majority believe they have come to this mindset through a heightened ability to discern truth - but from what I can see, the anti-establishment sentiment has been getting propagated by the establishment itself, for at least a decade, but more increasingly as of late. I actually just found out two days ago, that my 12 year old niece is now learning about conspiracies in school, in a class called RME - religious and moral education. Based on how she described the class to me, it seems to be yet another mechanism leading people towards a strong distrust for government.

As a side note, I wonder how relevant school will continue to be. If you are familiar with how public schooling was modelled - after the old Prussian model, because their soldiers did not run away in war and were willing to die for their country, then it seems the main purposes of public education in the West has been - 1) to cultivate a sentiment of patriotism in children, and a willingness to go off to war and die for their countries 2) to prepare them for a life of working 9-5 3) to create a sense of social competition which will later become the fuel which drives the consumerism. However, they have things like fortnite to tease children into the idea of being soldiers now, the sense of competition is being worked into the mind by the gamifcation of every app and website, and there's little need to be preparing people for a life of working 9-5 when in a decade the robots will be handling most of the jobs and humans will likely be earning money through "making contributions to society" and streaming/content creating etc. In short, moving from the age of payments into the age of rewards, the age of work into the age of dancing monkeys in a giant circus, for me, almost completely defeats the necessity for public schooling. I think that soon children will be raised on YouTube and media, which also seems to be fitting for another reason - because as the divide and conquer strategy gets further and further, we now find that school is where people make friends and now they seem to want less of that - they want our friends to exist online and not in our local communities.

It is also my thoughts that the architects of modern society and those seeking to shape the world of tomorrow are magicians, versed in the occult arts. I am not so sure I agree with there being a rule that they have to be forthcoming about anything - but if they want to use our own power to have us create the world they want then they have to insert ideas and concepts into our minds. But, I think with most things - there are levels of involvement. For example, if we take 9/11. If we are going to say that was a conspiracy, and that there were "bad guys" involved. Well, I would think that some of those perpetrators would be under the impression it was about money and cultivating an excuse to go to war. Others would be privy to another reason, that it was about justifying more invasive rules of governance in the US. While fewer still, but some, would understand it to be a ceremonial magick ritual and human sacrifice - I have a couple of different theories on the purpose of that ritual, and wonder again if it could have been serving both but different levels knew different information - which means more disparate intentions and more goals achieved.

I say all that because when we think of those working against us, we often think of them as all organised and operating with an agreed agenda but I doubt that's likely. I think that of all the people working against us - ourselves included - that everyone has been carefully led into a tunnel where they can see little but their own part and are unable to understand that there are multiple tunnels running parallel to them forging a great structure of the society tomorrow, but all with different ideas of what that tomorrow is going to look like. Only those at the very top of the agenda will have a clear picture of what is actually being created, and my guess is that there are very, very few of those.

Who is behind it? Hmm. I read in a different one of your posts your thoughts on the NWO and the rising Phoenix. I think that it's possible that the Phoenix is a metaphor for the Ancient Phoenician empire. Birds are often used to symbolise empires and the lifespan of a Phoenix is akin to the average length of an empire. I think it is a metaphor for how the same small group of people have retained power over the world, by establishing empires and then eventually pulling the plug and having the empire brought down by the people after a rebellion, but then guiding the rebirth of governance covertly towards the establishment of a new, stronger, more invasive and powerful empire under a new name. But, I do wonder if there will ever be a need to pull the plug again after this time, for once they have blockchain - which I believe is not to do with currency as much as it is to do with the conception of a new internet and surveillance network capable of recording everything, everywhere, at all times.

So I think you are right that we need to keep an eye on what's going on around us, and people have been led to worship bitcoin and blockchain so much that I was quite surprised to even read that you were skeptical about it where it could lead. People are getting emotionally invested in defending the blockchain now. But, this coming age of Aquarius will, I believe, bring us a new timeline. Those who say the end of time is upon us, I believe are correct. But, the end of time just means we start again at Year 1, with a new God to worship - perhaps technology, or ourselves.

So, to get onto my more out there theory, but one I see so much evidence for and am writing about myself now - I think that the fall has to happen before we can get to a one world government model. A lot of people think that there is a huge depopulation event coming, and that the government or war will be the main cause of death. But, I wonder if it will not sooner be ourselves who kill one another. When our hatred for centralised power has been piqued, we will perhaps be led to tear down our Western governments and, for a time, be forced to govern ourselves. I think the ultimate goal will be a one-world-g0vernment, but the only way we will ever be willing to accept that, or the chip that will likely come with it, is if we first were shown how much government is needed because we cannot look after ourselves. So, I fear a purge like period of anarcho-capitalism, where corporations have been let off the leash, and where with no centralised police, the people deal out their own justice as vigilantes. The internet/worldwide web, is definitely nefarious in nature. But, given the words net and web, which both allude to a sense of capture, I think it has been more about amassing information on people and getting an insight into how humans think and behave, than anything else. And, we have seen information be used a lot in the last year to breed hatred and anger towards people. It would surprise me not if in the future, the stupidest things we have said on the internet come back to haunt us when angry mobs get their eyes on it after "a hacker releases our sensitive data"

This is getting really long.. and I don't even remember what I have written. Lol. But, I do fear that any depopulation that occurs will largely be us murdering each other, or dying in poverty after the financial crash that will lead to the blockchain tokenised society.

But it's like you say. We change the future by changing how we think. It's really simple, in fact, at least in theory. All we have to do to fix everything - is to make people understand that we're on the same team, and not adversaries. I suspect though, that modern language as we know it - which is largely accredited to the Ancient Phoenicians interestingly, is working against that possibility unbeknownst to us.

Hey @lordles.exile .. thank you for the great comment and sorry for the late reply! I run a business centred around the hospitality industry and with all the beautiful weather we've been having it's been non-stop nose to the grindstone.

To begin, as far as the 20% who will never capitulate - I think this has been replaced, thanks to modern media and advanced subliminal programming (probably written by machine learning algorithms at this point), by a 20% who believe they are working against the agendas of the architects of society - buy who are in fact doing their bidding.

Yes I very much agree, in fact within a recent post I made a similar statement about the left, where I observed that the leftwing old enemy of globalism has been (unknowingly) relegated to the choirboys of the globalist agenda, so yes I very much agree that through methods of algorithmically nudged psychological subversion techniques and identity politics, they have been able to turn their enemies into their greatest assets .. I did write a fairly long post about how this process plays out through social media and have attached it below.

I very much agree (as per my post) that much of the anti-establishment rhetoric is being whipped up by the establishment themselves, they want us to (of our own free will and volition) destroy the old to make way for the new world order, they also want us to ostracise all that stand in their way .. indeed "hate" is now a socially engineered weaponised word, as is inclusivity .. as it's only inclusive to those that are aligned with a perceptual hive mind and ever-narrowing band of acceptable opinion. As far as I can see the true evil in this world is hiding behind an increasingly inverted perception of virtue .. indeed the social media phenomenon of "virtue signalling" is (to my mind) a socially engineered construct.

In terms of education, I think we will begin to observe a move towards some kind of global "common core" .. indeed this has long been the mantra of UNESCO, and UNESCO have partnered with Bill Gates & Microsoft (Gates was previously a choirboy for common core). Equally, UNESCO is obviously an instrument of the UN & the Rockefeller family (who are the architects of the UN) have also (for many decades) increasingly infiltrated the classroom .. as have Google, all globalist institutions looking to create a world citizen and a technocratic feudal society (us and them). Obviously, if you want a feudal society at some point you will need a global education system that's aligned on an ever-increasing array of commonalities .. i.e the hive mind of accepted opinion. It's all very insidious and scientific .. and like all dictatorships, it's going straight for the children.

Not much remains to be said in conclusion, but what remains is important. It is that the task before Unesco is necessary, is oppor- tune, and, in spite of all multiplicity of detail, is single. That task is to help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background of ideas, and with its own broad purpose. Page 62 Unesco its purpose and its philosophy by Julian Huxley.

I agree with your statement relating to them being magicians, equally my observation relating to them signalling their intent is an aspect of esoteric law. It's my belief (and I have much information that I have yet to share) that the bloodlines in control of this world have been consolidating power for literally thousands of years, the library of Alexandria was pillaged before it was burnt and that these people hold a vast array of occultic information around the psychology and physiology of the homo-sapian .. the reason they signal their intent is because they are attempting to work within a warped understanding of natural law, they believe that by doing this they negate judgement. They have been doing this for thousands of years, and if you know where to look the signs are all around us.

There was an ancient religion that elevated themselves through seven virtues that they believed took them closer to divinity, this belief system is a complete inversion of that statement .. and if you look around you can see we're increasingly being nudged towards an inverted state of being .. but again we must arrive at this state through the manipulation of our freewill .. we must do this to ourselves and each other.

I say all that because when we think of those working against us, we often think of them as all organised and operating with an agreed agenda but I doubt that's likely.

Yes I couldn't agree more .. in fact my last three major posts have all alluded to the validity of that statement, I tend to think of people (even if they believe they're all powerful) as compartmentalised aspects of a broader intent, very few will know the true nature of that intent and mostly people are controlled and directed through their greed and lust for power,equally there will be people with a very good intent that are being (unknowingly used within the same agenda) .. I recently wrote; "This is the new form of governance, and it doesn’t require vast arrays of individuals all working towards a nefarious intent, indeed it hides behind virtue and a good intent. Through scientific methods of compartmentalisation and psychological indoctrination; a relative handful can draw vast resources and tenuously aligned movements to create a powerful and alluring narrative."

I also feel that much of the purge will be carried out by ourselves .. in many ways you can already see the division lines being drawn. Algorithms and social media carefully dividing people into categories and fanning the flames of hatred .. as you allude to, I can also envisage an era of chaos that will eventually have people on their knees begging for a one world government .. begging for a control system that a few years previously they would have fought against. That said, I really wouldn't rule out the possibility of some form of world war to bring about the aforementioned state of chaos and murderous rampage. In terms of our words coming back to haunt us .. that is something I very much agree with, hence why I attempt to choose them very carefully. lol

Yes, Phoenicians who became the Venetians, and as far as I'm aware (this is from memory so I'll have to check) but the English language is an inversion of ancient Hebrew. Phoenicians, Phonetics, the clues are certainly in the words and alas the words are becoming increasingly weaponised to create a socially engineered perceptual reality, altering the use of words but still retaining the subconscious essence of what they once meant .. I'm keeping an eye on many of them. There is a lot going on here .. hence I don't allow my belief, to impede my understanding/learning! Thanks again for the great comment my friend!