Global Alert News, May 16, 2020 (Dane Wigington ;

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Hi there,

Dane Wigington from brings out his own
News every week.
Unfortunately Geoengineering is just one piece of a global agenda,
that's why he is "touching" on a lot of other important topics.
Be ready to get the news "concentrated" from him. Have a drink or
vapor some good herbs before you listen to the whole news ;)
He is starting with Dr. Fauci , exposing his vaccine related patents and
his connection to Big Pharma.
Hear from 5:00 Minutes on how Fauci is saying in Nov.'19,
how he is looking forward to react on something "new" like a pandemic
or bio-terror.

Vaccine Exposure

fills up the first 23 Minutes. History, connections to Big Pharma,
Trumps plan to use the military...

Geoengineering/Biosphere Collapse

Minute 23-26 and later

Government Criminal Actions/Denial

Minute 26-29.30 and later

Tracking & Control

Minute 29.30-32

Face Masks doing more harm than good (listen closely!)

Minute 32- 42

More Police State is being set up...

Mostly second half

Economic/Biosphere Collapse

Minute 47-53

Join the Battle (Time is running out!)

Minute 53-End

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