Google’s Power to Shift Elections—Zachary Vorhies, Greg Coppola and Dr. Robert Epstein

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According to Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies, how is Google suppressing certain viewpoints, promoting others, and altering public perception?

Is there evidence of active intent on the part of Google staff or executives?

And in the eyes of Dr. Robert Epstein, what are the broader implications of Google bias—whether intentional or unintentional—for America and beyond?

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American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

In this special episode, we sit down with Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies, a former senior Google engineer, who recently leaked nearly 1000 pages of documents that he says suggest Google has been secretly acting as a publisher, selectively boosting or demoting content, while publicly claiming to be a neutral platform.


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I really feel this dude. I'm distancing myself from some of the mainstream publications I write for because I don't want to be associated with their marxist bullshit

Good for you, what he is talking about has been in our face for ages on television.

I think most can't see it because they are watching it every day, but if you walk away for a year or so it's shocking what is on TV.

Every US television show would have us believe everyone has at least two extramarital affairs going on, a few gay cousins, and a drug dealer or two in the family, and are involved in some type of fraud..

That ain't the world I live in. It's programming