What’s Wrong with Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal ?

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In the eyes of Daniel Turner, what are the issues with Bernie Sander’s newly introduced Green New Deal? Why would it be impossible to become carbon-free by 2030?

In his view, what’s behind environmental movements like the Green New Deal proposals and the Keystone pipeline protests?

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American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

Today we sit down with Daniel Turner, the Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future, which engages in advocacy for American energy workers.

We discuss what Turner sees as disingenuous attacks on American energy and innovation, including the coal industry, and the importance of considering the millions employed by these industries.

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Bernie's not much of a thinker is he lol

I don't think he's ever really had to be, very few ever challenge him on anything. Running for an office he knows he can't win, raking in millions... Not a bad gig I reckon :)

"Any politician or person who does not live according to what they say government should mandate should be called out". -- Daniel Turner