Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: It Was All Just One Big Mistake, Honest!

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"Verified Hate For Me But Not For Thee"

Today at the Transparency & Accountability Hearing, Oklahoma Representative Mullin read Sarah Jeong's anti-White tweets to Jack Dorsey during the Twitter CEO's testimony to Congress. Mr. Mullin pressed Dorsey about Twitter's bias against conservative accounts on the social media giants platform.

Mullen highlighted the suspension of Candice Owens. Owens who re-worded one of Jeong's Tweets exchanged the word jew in place of White.


Owens was locked out of her account and forced to delete her tweet

A campaign to highlight VerifiedHate on Twitter discovered Sarah Jeong's numerous anti-White Tweets along with thousands of similar anti-White Tweets from hundreds of verified Twitter users. Jeong who works for the NY Times as a technology writer was never suspended from Twitter for her anti-White tweets. Dorsey denied Twitter of having any political bias and claimed that his company had "made a mistake" in the suspension of Candice Owens.


Conservatives point to instances such as Sarah Jeong's hate-filled rants as proof of political bias by Social Media companies who protect leftist speech while censoring conservative speech.



#SMACA is a legislative proposal put forth by, Attorney, Josh Smith who specializes in constitutional law. SMACA would protect freedom of speech on Major Social Media Outlets, and has been lauded as the easy solution of ensuring that freedom of speech, in what amounts to the virtual public square, will be protected for everyone regardless of political affiliation by thousands of proponents of the proposed legislation.


Something has to be done to stop the left from censoring us. Trump needs to stop Tweeting about it, and do something. He won due to his supporters having a loud online presence. That is why the right is being banned left and right. You Tube is also another platform to regulate.

Can't be for government regulation of the internet. If Trump loses in 2020, then someone on the left has the tools to regulate resistance from the right.

SMACA solves this problem.


SMACA will not create an environment where the government is in a greater position to regulate speech. SMACA will give Social Media companies an out just as their liability exemption for what users on their platforms post as well as Social media's out as far as DMCA goes. SMACA will give social media companies with more than 200 million monthly users the out of having to decipher which lawful speech should not exist, and SMACA will level the playing field between the ideas of the left and the right. It is good legislation which needs to be enacted to protect the American system and how We The People choose our leaders.

I can see it causing a whole other problem. The first line item, "Denial of platform access and normal use thereof" and it looks like the only lawful free speech social networks will be able to control is the posting of legal pornography. This won't give them the legal means to battle SPAM on their platforms. You have to consider that these same rules will apply to non-political content. The platforms will be cluttered with so much garbage that they'll be rendered unusable.

I still think the best option is to let the free market take care of this problem and keep government involvement out of it. Alternatives already exist for these social networks. Facebook vs. Minds. Twitter vs. Gab. Reddit vs. Voat. Let the people work this problem out themselves.

I have had 20 Twatter accounts. I gave up after the last one. I had 500 followers, and never even tweeted anything that would violate the TOS.

All these people do is lie. Not an honest bone in their bodies!

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They cannot debate Right Wing ideas, so the left moves to Shut us down. Really though, conservatives in the government are no different from the left. It is all a circle jerk uni party.

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