HEADLINES: Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 - Ban Plastic Straws Use More Plastic, CNN on Trump 'Blood Will Be On His Hands', Ontario Scrapping Basic Income Program, Autophagy, Red Cloud, Japan, Argentina, Nigeria, Moloch and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Closing the Skills Gap
City Journal
Cuomo’s Health Care Stonewall
City Journal
Genocide Junction
City Journal
America Has Millions Of Millennial Brats That Need To Move Away From Mommy & Daddy And Start Acting Like Adults
Freedom Outpost
Family Begs for Answers After Veteran Dies in Police Custody—Claim His Organs are Missing
Freedom Outpost
Socialism: Feces By Any Other Name
Freedom Outpost
Strzok demanded declassification, other FBI powers before joining Mueller team, emails show
The Hagmann Report
Acosta: ‘We Weren’t In America Anymore’ With Trump Supporters
The Hagmann Report
Cities that are running out of water can now safely remove at least some pharmaceuticals from recycled water and wastewater
Natural News
Fracking companies are making HUGE money by crippling the environment with plastic
Natural News
Adding silicate rocks to farmland could restore soil, protect against pests and disease, and capture CO2, improving global food security
Natural News
Deranged Leftists now want to ban company-owned cafeterias to FORCE employees to go out to local restaurants… all in the name of “fairness” of course
Natural News
Starbucks’ new plastic straw-less lids use MORE plastic than the old lid and straw combo – the virtue signaling stupidity of the Left knows no bounds
Natural News
Oops! Even Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro Now Admits Socialism Sucks
The Gateway Pundit
ICE Contacted After Police Pull Over Van, Driver Flees on Foot — And 11 People Without Documents Found Inside
The Gateway Pundit
BOOM! Trump Approval at 50% — 5 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA at Same Point in His Presidency
The Gateway Pundit
Wow! NYT Hires Sarah Jeong to Editorial Board — Who Has Twitter Page Littered with Racist Filth
The Gateway Pundit
AMAZING! President Trump Surprises Rush Limbaugh to Congratulate Him on 30 Years of Broadcasting (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Panics! Calls on Congress to Warn POTUS of “Dire Consequences” If Mueller Probe Ended
The Gateway Pundit
Politico: NeverTrumpers Should Become Democrats to Defend “International Order”
Apple Just Became The First Trillion Dollar Public Company
Here's Why Trump Is Hiking Chinese Tariffs To 25%
China Is About To Report Its First Ever H1 Current Account Deficit: Why It Matters
Why Japan May Spark The Next Crisis
NY Democrat Escalates ‘Abolish ICE!’ Wants to ‘Prosecute ICE!’
WATCH Massive Brawl In Paris Airport
Infowars Europe
CNN: Trump Is ‘Leading Hate Movement’ Against Media; ‘Blood Will Be On His Hands’
New York Times’ New Editorial Board Member Celebrated “Dumbass F**king White People” Going Extinct
‘They Tried to Mentally Destroy Me’: Tommy Robinson Speaks Up After Release
Chris Rock Is Sick Of The ‘Insufferable Wokeness Of Comedy’ Too
Ontario Scrapping Basic Income Program Because It is 'Not Sustainable'
Turkey Vows to Retaliate After US Sanctions Two Ministers Over Brunson Case
CNS News
WashPost Reporter: ‘People Aren’t Interested In’ Trump Policy Success
MSNBC's Ruhle Says Facebook Should Be 'Shut Down'

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

Facebook Is Now the Biggest Right-Wing Media Company
Political Wire (lol)
Manafort’s Bookkeeper Testifies She Was Unaware Of Alleged Foreign Accounts
Talking Points Memo
Can Trump Help Dems Pull Off One More Big Special Election Upset Next Week?
Talking Points Memo
5 Cities Sue Trump Admin, Claiming ACA ‘Sabotage’ Is Unconstitutional
Talking Points Memo
“I Have Become Lost Like My Homeland”
Watch Succession Now
Rihanna’s New Thin Eyebrows Will Cause a Nationwide Follicular Emergency
A Nationalist Faction on Wall St. Challenges the War Faction Which Owns the CIA and Media
The Greanville Post
Does Humanity Deserve to Be Extinct?
The Greanville Post
Revolving Door: How Security Clearances Perpetuate Top-Level Corruption in the United States
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
As Climate Turns Deadly, Media Are Stuck in Denial
Argentines Face Price Hikes Amid Gov't-IMF Austerity Deal

Legacy Media

Trump administration revokes Obama-era fuel economy standards
NBC News
Dem senator: Trump tweet was a blatant threat
CNN via Youtube
Ivanka Trump: Family separations issue 'was a low point'
Cat and chicken found huddled together, seeking shelter from Carr Fire
Fox News
Trump dunks on billionaire GOP mega-donor Charles Koch for worrying about foreign workers
Business Insider
Court rules Trump move to cut 'sanctuary city' funds is unconstitutional
NBC News
Iran deploys 50 small boats to Strait of Hormuz for large-scale 'swarming' exercise
Fox News
How the Defense Department Identifies the Remains of Our War Dead
The New York Times

Steem #News

Steemit:The Myth Of The Pink Tax
Steemit:The Sun Never Sets... Part II- The Rule of Moloch, God of Money
Steemit:The New York Times Attacks New Hampshire - Here We Go Again lol
Steemit:Why Autophagy Is One of The Greatest Health Benefits of Fasting
Steemit:Cryptocurrency AI Daily Predictions 8/2/18 (Updated at 11AM, 4PM, 11PM EST)
Steemit:Square’s Bitcoin Integration Turns $37 Mln Revenue in Q2 2018
Steemit:Native Victory: Red Cloud - Forgotten Freedom Fighters

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