HEADLINES: Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 - Chicago: Strictest Gun Control - Highest Murder Rate, Infowars App Surges, Censorship Continues / Expands, Intentional Destruction Of The Family, Iran Sanctions, Trump - No Hollywood Star For You, Bitcoin, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Six Mass Shootings in One Weekend
City Journal
11 Children Rescued From a Islamic Compound In New Mexico
Freedom Outpost
Candace Owens: ‘There Will Be A Major Black Exit From The Democratic Party…We Are Realizing That The Democratic Party Was Always Racist’
Freedom Outpost
The War on Infowars is a War on Us All
Freedom Outpost
Epic Gun Control FAIL: Chicago Is A ‘War Zone’
Freedom Outpost
War to Silence Truth Seekers Goes Hot – Contrary Opinions Not Allowed
The Hagmann Report
Banned by YouTube and Facebook, InfoWars videos are now available on REAL.video
Natural News
Scientists transfer one snail’s memory onto another, potentially unlocking secrets of human memory transfer
Natural News
Congressman warns social media giants that they will be regulated by the FEC for selectively banning conservative speech
Natural News
Tech giants’ banning of Alex Jones just woke up the whole world to the Orwellian horror of social media
Natural News
InfoWars’ Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson Rip Socialist Socials for Eliminating InfoWars
The Gateway Pundit
Liberal Hack Accuses Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk of Staging the Antifa Attack on Them at Breakfast (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Instagram Bans Tommy Robinson As Conservative Purge Continues
The Gateway Pundit
InfoWars App Surges Past CNN After Orwellian Deplatforming
The Gateway Pundit (Perhaps people against censorship should download this app whether they use it or not to send a message.)
West Hollywood Fascists Vote Unanimously to Remove Donald Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame… But Guess Whose Star Remains?
The Gateway Pundit
Infowars Official App Jumps To Number 4 — Dominates CNN, NYT, ABC
Musk Tweets He Is "Considering Taking Tesla Private" After Saudis Reveal $2Bn Stake
The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director
China Threatens Apple With "Anger And Nationalist Sentiment" If It Doesn't Share The Wealth
Zerohedge (EDITOR: I wonder how good that 0% tax sounds now?)
US DEA Admits Criminal Activity In Crypto Has Plunged 80% Since 2013
Blowback: UniCredit Becomes First Major Corporation To Sever Ties With Facebook Over Ethics
Trump Blasts "Anyone Trading With Iran Will Not Be Trading With The U.S."
Zero Transparency: 6 Questions That Tech Giants Refuse to Answer About the InfoWars Ban
InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor
Watch Live: Mass Censorship Incoming
The internet DARK AGES descends upon us
Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad
Video: Scarborough Calls For Secret Service To Investigate Infowars, Alex Jones
Parkland School Board Targets Local Paper For Exposing School District's Failures
FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make Mice With Human Immune Systems
CNS News
CNN Airs Absolutely Bonkers Interview with Rosie O'Donnell
MSNBC Panelists Slam Sessions' Defense of 'Religious Liberty'

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

GOP Candidate Said Wives Should Submit to Husbands
Political Wire (Good thing he is only a candidate. Check out Shariah they say the same thing even if that wife is 9 years old.)
Gates: Offshore Accounts, Loans Were A Way To Reduce Manafort’s Tax Liability
Talking Points Memo
Gates Testifies He Helped Manafort Fudge Info To Obtain Loans
Talking Points Memo
Liberals Don’t Have to Defend Sarah Jeong’s Tweets
Is There a Logical Inconsistency in the Constitution?
More Lies About Syria’s “White Helmets”
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
The Trump Administration’s Crackdown on Legal Immigrants Exposes Its Racism
What Does Ivan Duque's Presidency Mean for Peace in Colombia?

Legacy Media

Fire officials to Trump: No, California didn’t worsen wildfires by dumping water into ocean
The Washington Post
Tuesday's primaries a test of Trump's influence, hold potential for upsets: A look at the races to watch
Fox News
No, the Trump Tower meeting was not 'totally legal'
Los Angeles Times
City of West Hollywood calls for Trump Walk of Fame star to be removed
‘Survival of our democracy’ depends on banning sites like InfoWars, Dem senator says
Washington Examiner
Hawaii prepares for election as it grapples with erupting volcano, hurricane
NBC News
'Kill me': Parkland shooter's alleged confession to police released
ABC News
Iranians react to US sanctions as new reality begins to bite

Steem #News

Steemit:The Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher Conspiracy Against InfoWars/AlexJones
Steemit:Silicon Valley Censors Free Speech Again
Steemit:The destruction of the family #2 | Communism aims to eliminate the family
Steemit:Silent Weapons For Silent Wars: The Intentional Destruction of the American Family
Steemit:Alex Jones Banned from the Internet with Adam Kokesh
Steemit:UPS Workers Inadvertently Make Instructions on How Police Should Deal With Dogs
Steemit:State Passes Revolutionary Law To Let Elementary Students Have Access To Medical Cannabis In School
Steemit:Bitcoin market share is at the level it was just after it hit its near-$20000 record high

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Thanks. I do have something on the Twitter and Ron Paul suspension in the post. The others I don't though. There is SO MUCH stuff going on...

There are a lot of angles on the Infowars censorship for sure.

I am hearing rumblings that the next IG report may drop SOON, but not from my usual sources...this one would be on DOJ/FBI malfeasance on actions against the Trump campaign during the election, maybe including the FISA app...

My gut feeling is now that Trump is awaiting a red wave in the mid-terms. But I have been wrong before, and I don't like that approach

Here it comes boys!!! The CFFS site, localactivist.org should be up and running by the first of Sept. IW already has a page there. Still in beta testing, but getting better.

remind me the day before, and we'll do a publicity blitz!

Waiting may be a bad move considering the amount of censorship. They talk about Russian collusion while they are in a vast and massive collusion. They can't win without rigging the game.

that echoes my view of it as well; the deep state must be smashed in the halls of burrocracy at the same time it is smashed in the media rooms; delaying just allows them to grow stronger. The big concern is vote fraud.

the reasoning for waiting may be this (fwiw, idk, I'm spitballing here)
1- A red wave midterm election will signal public choice for bolder moves on Trump's part
2- Doing thing by the books can take a long time - see previous mafia RICO trials for time frames
3- giving them rope to hang themselves with additional perjury/obstruction/conspiracy charges

and all them assumes Trump is acting against the deep state and the left

Just voted for this guy. I'm pretty sure he's got it. I'm pretty sure he'll unseat Stabenow. @ironshield

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within a couple of months of 2018, there have been at least 5 cryptocurrency scams which have been already detected.

Considering I've made $60,000 or so without spending any money only time in the last two years if this is a scam bring more of them on.


M not talking about all,but many of them.

Ofcourse its a great way to make huge money

The projects I've been involved with are still all alive and doing well. Sure there are plenty of scams, but if you actually look at how useful the crypto is before you get involved that usually seems to be a good technique for avoiding the crappy ones. At least it has been so far for me.

And I've never actually spent money on crypto. I earned it all here blogging. Then using this I bought into other cryptos as well.

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