So much News happy Memorial day

in #informationwar9 months ago

There is so much news going on here on the chain about the fork. I have not had time to read much of it at all. I will be getting to that very soon though. For now I am just looking at all of the things culminating in real life and in cyberspace all at the same time to know that these are perilous times. Also known as an interesting time to be alive. I am handing out votes very freely these days because I am powering down my steem. I am trying to vote some steem power to those that stand against the changes here on this chain. If you want to get to know me better than check me out on hive. Keep moving your assets steemians/bees.

I hope that the water in the pool today is warm. I know the children are looking forward to swimming a lot since being on forced economic collapse. Now all of the lies are revealing the truth. Flattening the curve is a bad thing and makes things take longer to affect all of society. If you are immunodeficient then you have to protect yourself. You can't stop society based on a possibility even if the supreme court said so. If any real pandemic ever obtained such a level then no level of society would be sustainable. When are those responsible for creating monsters going to be held to account? They freely kill millions while those trying to feed their families are thrown in cages over haircuts. Rant Over.