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RE: Smart City Rising & The Guardian Of Wolves

Hey @riverflows .. hope you've been well?

I had no idea the Guardian was funded by those guys. Hangs head in shame.

It's crazy really, if you're prepared to put in the time, research and unravel the myriad of names.. you can see that (eventually) the vast majority of all major brands, institutions, corporations etc etc can all be traced back to the same system I wrote about in the Green Phoenix posts and have much more to share on.

As for the tiny houses, yes I feel it is one aspect of a larger social experiment whose ultimate intent is to convince people that less is more, in fact .. its actually a virtue .. in future years it wouldn't surprise me if people will probably come to boast about how small their tiny house is, tiniest house competitions .. hell I may even trademark that! lol

Like in any era in human history, self reliance is the key. Continuing to plant on my 5 acres of nearly independence.

Exactly and very smart move! I've been using lots of spare time .. planting, growing and trying out different rotation methods, If you actually look around you begin to realise how much of a finely tuned machine the worlds food engine is, it's also completely unsustainable .. one cog out of place ...

Yes, by their recommendations there will be a third left in the countryside and I imagine that will vary by country and culture .. for some it won't be much of a change, for others it will be huge. People that live week to week and cue in the supermarket for their food will (I feel) find in increasingly difficult. You can rest assured I won't be moving into the city!!

They keep trying to pressure me into getting a smart meter .. but I've refused. I think there is a condition which a Dr can verify that makes people allergic to wi-fi etc, and some are using that to get them changed. Basically, within the house of the future everything will have a microchip, including lightbulbs, food packaging etc etc .. these can all communicate with the smart meter, and I can honestly imagine a day when we're charged for food waste, excess carbon emissions, exceeding electricity quotas .. you name it, if you can equate such a system as frugal environmentalism/fighting climate change .. I'm sure (in years to come) the majority will believe it to be a great idea. Thank you my friend.