Chinese Emperor and Chinese Prince and Saint Daniel

I am always shocked by the conversation between the American senior and the Chinese prince. Today I watched two people's conversation, but it's always a shock.

Humanity has always had "prophets," from Mozi to Marx, claiming inevitability of "liberty, equality, and brotherhood." The collective sum of human experience clearly demonstate the fallacy of such delusions. For Marx, it was inevitability of economic history; for you, it is the inevitability of physics. When central authority and legitimate hierarchy collapse, men do not prosper, but rather subsist in poverty, chaos, and misery, until central power is re-established by their betters.

Epidemics require quarantine enforcement of procedures to contain the disease. Without the central authority and the heavies to enforce the policies, the quarantine is but a suggestion, which the muck blithely ignore. Who will stop the current mass migration into civilised world from the impoverished regions, and the consequent spread of illness, if not central authority and power? Who will stop transport and travel of goods and people, if not institutional authorities? The news agencies in the West has been on a full fear-monger panic mode, since the viral infection was detected. What each nation requires to control this infection is iron fisted enforcement of quarantine policies, conducted by a central authority, capitulating to a single throne, from which an iron-willed monarch directs humanity's response. What the world needs is emergency powers granted to the executives of each major nation-states to fully control the epidemic.

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The Chinese prince said that for the safety and maintenance of China's country, it is okay to sacrifice people. This means that it is natural for Chinese authorities to monopolize and censor information for the sake of the state.

The fear spread by the enemedia has been enhanced by gross censorship of the 'infodemic' at the request of the WHO. Lacking information, unaware of facts, but told of pandemic, of course people are fearful, and without knowledge of what to do and when, they are left at the mercy of your blood thirsty overlords.

The overlords aren't saving us.

They're sacrificing us.

Edit: also, I note the significant difference between the sciences of history and physics. History is the lies of conquerors. Physics is actual science.

On the other hand, an American senior said that Chinese warlords sacrifice Chinese as slaves based on past Chinese history. In particular, he insisted that Chinese emperors create Chinese history at will. In conclusion, it means that the Chinese emperor is currently in control of China.
Certainly he had a good insight into Chinese history. During 2000 years, Chinese emperors recorded history to reveal their dignity, legitimacy and divinity.
In other words, Chinese history was the property of the emperors.

Take off your tin-foil hat. Even incompetent governments of your Western democracies will work to preserve their tax base. The problem with government operating via popular polls is the lack of leadership, not "censorship."

Then, the Chinese prince replied that Western democracy was dependent on taxes, and that Western government's operating system was based on populism, so its leadership was weak.
In the end, it seems to him that the United States is a country with a weak leadership dominated by money and popularity.
I'm not good at English, so I don't seem to understand the conversation between the two. Still, I know that the Prince of China was honest about his views.

The meeting of the Chinese prince and the saint Daniel has always been interesting and shocking.
From my point of view, it is like a conflict between American and Chinese civilizations.
The two people's philosophy, beliefs, science, politics, and ethical debates seem to point to the present and future direction of the 21st century.

The Chinese prince meets with the American saint to discuss, but the emperor of China is trying to buy the United States.
For Koreans, the Chinese emperor is recognized as a master of diplomacy, negotiations, deception and buying.

Prince Chinese, a friend of American seniors, certainly shows academic pride and honesty. However, I am not sure how the Chinese prince will change when he becomes an emperor.


You seem to have well understood our discussion my friend. I must admit I am somewhat alarmed to be compared to the prophet Daniel, whose shoes I am unfit to clean.


Good afternoon! My respected American senior. Korea is currently lunchtime. The United States is midnight now, but you can't sleep? You need to sleep enough to stay healthy and long lives.

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