Well, we broke the Law today, and didn't get caught; plan to do it again soon!

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Ignoring our Idiot Mayor, we fed the homeless anyway today! It was not safe to set up normally, because of the arrest order; so we went under the bridges etc, and served them anyway!

We found them all over, in small groups:

By the end of the day, we fed 84:

It wasn't what we planned, but it got the job done pretty well, and we didn't run into the Police.

I think that we will do this again in a week or so. At least until they figure us out, then we will need to change cars to stay out of jail!

Our mayor hates the homeless here, and wants them dead. This is just his last attack....



Good for you guys. Hopefully the mayor you have will be voted out of office by the people.

That would be good! He is an Evil Man....


lol...great job sir smithlabs! Out-smarted them. They were probably(the police) waiting at the regular parking lot?

May have been there...we weren't, ROFLOL! If they can't find us, they can't arrest us....

Bob and weave!


Let's hope no one told the police that you guys were still going around feeding. What is their logic, the social distancing order?

Because the mini tyrant mayor said so. By going under the bridges, we limited the Volunè of people to less than ten...legal number so dar.

It is ironic that we lost the isolation we had planned for, so it was more dangerous!


What is the legal number of ten? You mean how many people can be gathered together because of the virus?

Yes, groups over ten are illegal now. Just like Communist China!


Well that's no problem. The homeless don't stay in large groups do they?

That does help, but we had to spread some out last Sunday....


Good for you man, you're an inspiration.

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Thanks for the upvote, they are good people in a tight spot; under attack from the mayor!


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