I am officially and unapologetically GERMANOPHOBE !

in #informationwarlast month

I have now a strong, legitimate and history proofed germanophobia.

However my fear isn't based like for most on ignorance, like archnophobia.

but rather on a deep observation and non-understanding of the german mindset.

I see, them, at the EU level, trampling on my god given rights.

they wish to censor me.

as said to many, I have enough problems already to not get angry with yours, however when you become angry for the same or another reason against the same, we have at least temporarlily a common ground.

fears, leads to hate, hates... in the orginal format :

I will make them suffer, those childless whores who seek to rule over me as if I was their serfs.

they have no idea.

next time, there won't be a german left alive.