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RE: You Want The Truth? "You Can't Handle The Truth!" The NWO & The Truth Movement Psyop

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I’ve got to say I read this several hours ago and my subconscious has been working on it since. I think I know what you’re conveying. The level of planning and gamesmanship involved in manipulating the behavior of the populace is very sophisticated and will generally work on some of the people some of the time if not the 60% the Soviet model claims.

However, I would posit the Soviet model’s numbers are from a bygone era and probably before the information age began to bear fruit as it did in the late ’80s, to mid-’90s, perhaps the information age is the lit fuse that brought about the eventual downfall of the Soviet Union. At its peak, the Soviets had absolute control over the free flow of information in Russia. Now the various nation-states are trying their damndest to reboot or regain the type of power they had back in the day.

Russia is banning religions similar to China, yet they haven’t gone so far as to impose a social credit system. The PRC has the people of Hong Kong up in arms (metaphorically speaking) because they don’t want to live in the high tech dystopia the mainland just rolled out, and that’s not to ignore the low tech horrors that have been going on for ages now.

In America, the U.S. continues to test its limits on multiple fronts. In New York, people in the corporate world are coerced into adopting one of the many hundred-odd gender pronouns for each individual, or else pay staggeringly unrealistic fines. Many of the several states are facing an ever-increasing test on the right to bear arms and their various accessories such as bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and silencers. Additionally, there is a war on those who would choose not to take vaccinations. It’s slow going, insidious, but always marching forward.

Ultimately, I don’t think we should discount the power of the people to shed sunlight, the great disinfectant, upon all corners of tyranny throughout the globe, this will happen naturally with the communication power the internet has provided us. I foresee the war on ideas will continue on for decades, and the people will equally resist it. As the government’s crackdown, it will only make the problem worse for them as necessity is the mother of invention and the people will be forced to improvise.

I think the struggle between liberty and tyranny will go on forever, as it has since the beginning of time. Despite the propaganda, there are no clear winners or losers. The way I see it, both Orwell and Huxley are being proven right every day. It’s not just them either; many other futurists are right as well. Essentially, those things we focus on the most become reality constructs in our mind. That’s not to say there is no objective truth to be had. Everyone is running around divining their own truths and building unique reality tunnels.

The mainstream corporate news and entertainment industry plays a big role in keeping a majority of people grounded into a reality that is projected for us, similar to Plato’s cave. However, one could just as easily veer off the beaten path by picking up a book, writing a story, or predicting alternate futures that or more palatable than Orwell and Huxley’s visions. If we live these future outcomes in the present day, even in small ways, it will carve a path in that direction.

I guess what I’m saying is that resistance is not futile, and we should have faith in the power of our individual and collective spirit or willpower. In this world, it seems like everything is intended to drain our life force, but with a little shift in focus and belief in ourselves we can make great changes to not only the terrain but also the internal landscape of others. The ability to communicate; that alone, is an immense superpower we all have.

You are certainly doing it justice, and I hope more will follow your example. Have you ever put any thought into writing inspirational works of fiction that might convey to people how to live with a spirit of authenticity, or resist tyranny in clever ways? It seems like the best works of fiction I’ve enjoyed have always been people who resist unthinkable levels of tyranny and prevail.

Or maybe the A team needs something equivalent to the B team’s rules for radicals. Maybe we need a rule’s for fill in the blank, a handbook that outlines how we can carve a path to winning peacefully with effective persuasion. Or can you recommend any works on these topics that I may be unaware of? Thanks for reading this ridiculously long comment—I’m just spitballing over here.


Hey my friend,

Hope you've been well?! Thanks for leaving such a brilliant and well composed/considered comment, and sorry for the late eyes on it but it's been a long day at work and I've only just sat down. Yes I do very much agree with your analysis of the Soviet era .. indeed, one thing is for sure (although many remain willfully ignorant) and that's the populace are much better informed in this modern era, hence the subversion techniques are far more insidious and sophisticated. When I allude to the Soviet control model I'm hinting at a similar methodology, but different methods. With the elites influences within wars and the communist links etc I highlighted in my green phoenix post, they kind of have a pick and mix of psychological subversion techniques at their fingertips and (much like Huxley's Brave New World) appear to be creating more of a prison for the mind .. one where (those that have been handed the moral high ground) refuse to acknowledge what is happening, and in essence police the jail that is being created for us. They begin to enjoy their enslavement because they think of themselves as our guards and the guardians of morality, hence welcome the thought police and free speech controls .. anything to silence the voices of those that speak against those that have assumed an inverted moral high ground, it's very scientific and it's specifically being targeted at the youth .. and because I monitor social trends, that is the chief area of my concern.

With regards to the Chinese social credit system, and like I alluded to in the post, I can certainly muse upon how through something like a facebook crypto (or something similar) they could merge a social control system into their monetary policy, with all the de-platforming and an ever-increasing array of hate speech definitions, we can see them setting the precedent .. pushing the boundaries. They are slowly gathering pace, ramping up the momentum and turning up the heat. In terms of Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals .. they appear to be operating from that playbook. But you're right .. a mirror image of that would be a fantastic idea and some real food for thought, thank you!! I haven't written any fiction works .. but I do have some ideas I've been mulling over, it's just that I have a couple of other books planned first. I might first try and write a book that I feel may be more commercially successful, which (if it went well) would take a bit of the work burden of me and then I could get into something much deeper and more profound, we shall see. Resistance definitely isn't futile and I apologise if I didn't make myself clearer in that respect, what I was kind of trying to say is that within the truth movement we often allow ourselves to be divided by details .. when being united by a good intent is a far more powerful force. Thanks again @thoughts-in-time :)