Update: Added 150 more SP and @informationwar fundraising

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Hi everyone,

First off, the @informationwar project is doing a fundraiser with hopes of doubling or tripling our current SP which is a little over 6,000 SP. We would like to increase rewards to our great writers and truth finders out there because we know this type of information our writers put out would be censored or banned on mainstream platforms. You can help by delegating SP to the @informationwar or following the curation trail, every little bit helps. Details on how to do this will be posted at the bottom of the page.


Another benefit to supporting the @informationwar project is that the truthbot will upvote anyone that has delegated 100 SP or more.

Now what's new with @truthbot is a couple things:

I added 150 more steem power making it a total of 708 SP to use in supporting delegators.

I also changed the minimum voting power from 80% to 90% over the past week because I've been monitoring the VP and it doesn't fluctuate very much from the minimum VP so it's going to be set at 90% I think for good.

My goal is still to get about 1,000 SP in this account over the next few months but Steem has been slowly raising so it may take longer but that is the plan.

Thanks everyone that supports the @informationwar project. If you can increase support we'd appreciated it and remember to take advantage of the @truthbot by delegating 100SP or more. Information on how to do this is down below.

Posted by @wakeupnd

What is the Truthbot?

If you don't know about this bot it was created by me(@wakeupnd) to reward people that delegate at least 100 SP to @informationwar. Once you have delegated enough SP I will add you to the list and it will upvote any post you make on Steemit as long as the voting power is above 90% and there's a max of two upvotes per day.

So if you delegate 100 SP to @informationwar you have a chance(depending on the voting power) to get a 700+ SP upvote on your posts for that 100 SP delegation. Seems like a good deal to me.

Click here to delegate 100 SP Now

Interested in joining or supporting the Information War?

Use tag #informationwar to post your own stories about the lies and propaganda being pushed on the public. @informationwar will upvote posts worthy of the cause.

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/t5JFAXZ chat with like minded individuals like myself and share your articles to receive additional support

Delegating Steem Power:

Another way you can support the cause is to delegate SP to @informationwar.

Delegate: 25 SP50 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP

Note: remember to keep around 50SP in your account so you don't run into any bandwidth problems.

How to delegate SP, join the fan base and more: https://steemit.com/informationwar/@truthforce/you-can-make-a-difference-join-the-informationwar-and-help-support-others-today


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