And it is my Gall Bladder(most likely) that is the issue

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Got some results from ultrasound and something called a HIDA test. Turns out I have 2 polyps in my Gall Bladder and my ejection rate is about 16%(normal is over 35%).

So basically my Gall Bladder hasn't been pushing enough bile out like it should be, causing me to have undigested food and bloating symptoms. This mainly happens if I eat too much fat in a given day, including healthy fats(of which the Gall Bladder doesn't discriminate against).

So maybe I need to have it removed maybe I don't, not sure. Have to go talk with a "Surgeon" who I am sure will say to remove it.... Going to be doing a lot of research into what my options are and what I can do naturally to improve it. I really don't want to get surgery on it as that can cause further complications.

My overall state of health is if I eat less than 50grams of Fat per day I only get mildly bloated, but get a bit of acid reflux. If I eat more than that I get super bloated or mega bloated, which eventually results in acid reflux that starts off mild and gets worse. Then I start to get heartburn and then I feel like my windpipe starts to not be as open as it should be(acid goes into your lungs too cool!!!)

Doing some preliminary reading on the subject, most "Surgeons and Doctors" will say to get it removed given what we now know.

I have been looking into what Dr. Jockers has to say about the matter and I really don't know whether or not he is a bullshitter or his advise is solid. I have a lot of research to do and will find many conflicting things I imagine during this.

This looks pretty good to me and some of it does make sense based on what I already am aware of.

The journey begins!


I drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar everyday, in water (four years now).

I've now forgotten what acid reflux is (used to get it bad).

My guts work better now, since I started using it daily, than ever before.

The first link I came across, so delve deeper...but I did quite a bit of research myself.
(make sure you use organic stuff- looks a bit cloudy and settles).

Good luck matey.

Thanks for the link!

Yeah I completely changed how I am eating over the last few months.

Got the apple cider vinegar this week and using it on my grilled chicken. Will check into the water mixture, I think its like 8oz of water with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar. I got the one with "the mother" in it.

Something that worked quite nicely and immediately was this PH10 or PH9.5 water I found. Immediately works, good for a mouth wash but I think the apple cider vinegar would be cheaper. Does that neutralize pepsin immediately as well?

Does that neutralize pepsin immediately as well?

Me no understandee.

Do you mean breakdown the acid in your stomach (stoppping reflex?).Pepsin breaks down proteins.

If you mean acid reflux- the most common reason for it (and very counter intuitive), is that your stomach is not acid enough. (Told you it was counter intuitive).

Acid reflux happens mostly when the sphincter muscle (same kind as yer arse) above your stomach is not activated by the acid weak concentrations. It stays open, allowing the acid to go into the esophagus - causing the burning sensation.

Raising the acid levels in your stomach makes the sphincter work - as it's supposed to work.

I can't remember the last time had 'indigestion'.

I keep my stomach 'acidy' with vinegar and lots of lemon/ lime in my foods.

ie Never eat big pharma antacids - (or milk/yogurt, to quieten the burn - they perpetuate the need to keep eating antacids.
A clever 'profit cycle', uh?

Sorry if I've got off topic - Just tryin' to for pepsin - what would be the reason for neutralizing this?
It's an enzyme that helps you digest stuff (proteins).

Didn't expect to see you here, @lucylin.

Good advice, doc. Yes, pepsin is one of the digestive enzymes found in the typical enzyme blends - for protein. What field did you learn your expertise in? (obviously don't give away your profession). Sounds like you know anatomy and health. Either that, or maybe you really love sphincters!

What field did you learn your expertise in?

...the sex industry. lol.

All self taught matey - over 15 years or so. I've aways been interested in nutrition and that kinda stuff.



Sounds like you know your stuff, @lucylin. I used to be a personal trainer and took some health and other related educationz. Fun to apply some of it again.


I went pretty deep into it - everything is about nutrition. You are what you eat, and all that.
The more I learn, the more I see it.
The funny thing is - it's not complicated - it's actually very simple. Get the basics right and the rest falls into place. (imo).

(typing this while smoking a cancer stick.. lol)

Oh I see, yes that makes sense. I was talking about when I get a little bit of acid reflux I drank a tiny amount of this PH10 or PH 9.5 water that would neutralize the pepsin, just the stuff that got into my mouth and throat, not like drinking a ton of PH water to neutralize the stuff in my stomach.

I got this baking soda toothpaste and some good mouth wash that neutralizes acid.

Got lemon juice I am mixing in with some water and putting on food, and got the apple cider vinegar with the Mother I am also using. Parsley/Tumeric and other things seem to be suggested as well so I am putting that on everything I eat.

Also going to incorporate more acidic foods into my diet, found out certain fats are better than others as well when having gall bladder issues. Found out the hard way on Corn oil and corn based foods.... got wrecked lol!

I can eat small amounts of bacon or turkey bacon, ground beef, can eat lots of chicken or tuna no problem.

We render down a kilo of pork fat every week!

,,,get those saturated fats in ya! butter , cheese , - the lot!..Olive oil and coconut oils to.

non sat fats causes cell inflammation. (it the wrong kind of fat for our bodies to use properly)
Inflammation causes increased production of cholesterol,,,,blah blah..

Au contraire, the enzyme pepsin requires an acidic environment in order to digest protein, Apple cider vinegar helps it do it's job.

Whereas Amylase, the enzyme for starch requires an alkaline environment the basis of Food Combining or Fit for life which also has something to say about digesting fat (don't mix with protein).

The best thing I can recommend for help with fat is Oolong Tea which breaks up fat just like soap.

Oo that will be a good one to look into, oolong tea. I had some of that not that long ago I was regularly drinking.

I just started drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 6 to 8oz of water before each meal.

Iron Buddha is my favourite.

I was going to say the same thing heartburn is destroyed by Apple cider vinegar.

yup - but it's so counter intuitive when looking at the BS that we've been fed by big pharma and 'education'.

Hi @truthforce

Solid advice for you:

  1. Digestive Enzymes: you want em to cover carbs, fats, protein

  2. Probiotics: Healthy gut bacteria, lots of benefits

  3. Your PH levels may be too far to the acid side. This is caused by eating too many starches, and crap food people typically eat. You may need to restore balance and get more alkaline. Heart burn and will likely disappear in days.

For the last one you'll need to know a bit more details. I will expand on this or you can get to stepping on some of your own research.

Fare thee well!!

I got some tests early on for the enzyme stuff, those levels are all good and no issue. I did probiotics for awhile but that bloated me so I beleive I have more than enough of that. The primary issue I get is that my gallbladder bloats and I get gallbladder attacks, that don't go away with antacids or gas-x or probiotics or anything. If I have too much fat I get a gallbladder attack as it tries to put out the bile but can't put out enough.

I got the heartburn taken care of pretty quickly whenever it flares up.

OK, I'm stumped. What you said about oils is worth looking into though. I know coconut oil is one of the best. It also delivers MCT medium chain triglycerides for energy. Avoid the cheap machine oil they sell on the store shelves. The whole Omega oil thing was oversold but the balance is still important. Too much Omega 3 is the problem, from what I remember. That's in the cheap shit, and many processed foods. Research Omega 6 vs 3 for your issue. The Omega 9 is not required in large amounts. I think that is olive oil.


Macadamia nut oil: great for cooking, smells awesome
Coconut oil: put that shit in smoothies, tastes great, organic, non-GMO

Hey, @truthforce. BTW, forgot to ask:
I've posted a number of articles now, with palnet and or informationwar hashtags. I've also manually upvoted, resteemed and commented on a substantial amount of posts from a number of members of the group, as I used to do. So, basically, I've published material it took me a solid week to edit and research, and I might have 4-5 max votes on any of em. Not all are masterpieces, but what am I forgetting?

Thought you'd be the guy to talk to. Thanks.

I will go through and upvote now :)

Thanks, man! I tried to get on Discord...says I have to claim account. But when I complete password process, it then says "this account is already being used," or w/e. I'll get on the curation trail soon. You recommend that?

Also started curation trail process but didn't want to download and install, enter password....arghhh!

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