That's just the problem, everyone is always talking and going on MSM media shows and nothing happens. This political theater just keeps going giving people false hope something will happen because it is being talked about. The Clintons are going to live in their mansions and jet set around and continue to do their bullshit, live for another few decades probably, and pass away peacefully in their sleep one day from old age.

If Trump truly wanted to do something against the Clintons he could have fired all of the Obama DOJ/employees, put his people in, and immediately have investigations started. He talked a big game and never did it. The one guy who was getting everyone riled up hardcore for it and he never did it. If he doesn't do it before he leaves office it just goes to prove yet again politicians are above the law.

I totally get there is an "awakening" going on and normal people are starting to find out about the Clintons and deep state, but it does need action and I am not seeing that happen.

yeah Trump doesn't want to do anything about either and neither does the MSM.

However as you stated... there is an awakening.

I'm not a fan of Tulsi, I am a fan of more people figuring out the news is broken, the political system is broken and things are not how they seem.

Happy National Period Day is trending on Twitter. LOL, you can't make this up.

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