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RE: Tulsi Gabbard, she is just as bad as every other politician

in #informationwar2 years ago

There needs to be enough space to allow for everyone to exit the union if they so wish. Right now we have two cats tails tied together (R & D) with the spoils going to the winner every 4 years. Most of the time that win is imaginary gains for the voters in the form of puffed up ego fooling them into thinking something was accomplished when nothing has changed.

The USA started with illegal aliens arriving from mostly Europe. Those "shared values" were debated in the early days. Assertion of borders is always about control. The problem is that we accept legal fictions such as imaginary country borders to have any legitimacy. Only personal property borders matter and they must be fought with arms. Nature decreed this to be the case. When was the last time you saw a deer sue a lion for eating one of its family?


The USA didn't start with illegal aliens arriving from anywhere because there wasn't any laws against people coming here, so it wasn't illegal.

"Only personal property borders matter and they must be fought with arms."

That's how the Native Americans thought and acted, that didn't work out for them and they ended up losing everything. Too much decentralization = death by a centralized force.

Same as how Walmart made tons of decentralized businesses go out of business. A centralized force with tons of people behind it will eventually take over a decentralized disorganized people, given a great length of time.

Unfortunately this kind of centralized force is also what made thing like the A-bomb possible. Dictator is the ultimate centralized power so you see that the like of Hitler, Stalin, Mao kill a huge amount of people. I would argue this two edged sword may be too dangerous for everyone's own good.

Yes. If we fail to rid ourselves of the parasites who make it possible to do this, extinction is only a matter of time. Somebody will eventually slip up if they have the power. No human should be allowed this power which is built upon statist superstition that resembles quasi religious dogma, such as prayers (pledge of allegiance), etc. The brainwashing needs to stop or we all die.

Don't stumble over legal fictions. Recognize truth by actions and not words. The original settlers of this country were no more legal than those that came before except by decree and use of force, while bamboozling the stupid with fancy papers while wearing fancy costumes. The reality is that we invaded and had superior technology. Natural law is the only consistent law.

I was just responding to what you said, you said they were illegal.

Power and use of force is natural law, is that what you are referring to?

Sometimes I have to use the fucked up language of statists to explain their hypocrisy. They are known as "illegal aliens". This is the stupid label worn by humans who exist on the wrong side of an imaginary border as dictated by thugs wearing costumes and badges. These measures are about mind control to help confuse you as to the real source of their power which is economic and militaristic. It's essentially saying, "this is mine, not yours", which is only valid when it comes to personal property and this can only be backed up by force or by brainwashing which the state does very well.

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