Initiative Q invites

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I have a few initiative Q invites available for those who haven't signed up yet.

The FAQ link:

I don't know much about it other than what I have read on the site and in a few posts here by @acidyo and a few others but hey, free coins. These types of campaigns are going to get ever more popular for speed of distribution and marketing purposes of projects and it is a little crazy to not take advantage of them. Most of these are likely to fail but, some of them will make inroads and be potentially very successful in some future, somewhere, sometime.

My personal invite link:

After which you can spread the network further and get some additional coins by inviting your own through references. I have to approve them on my end so once they are all gone, I will add a comment at the top of the list.

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You guys... 😬

Worst vaporware mailing list builder ever. Worst of all... they even don’t hide it.

Only if ever they will manage (I guess) 20m subs will they actually get working.

That team, that ambition... no mailing list below 20m... oh wait... look at least 300 tokens are already active with the same goal and ambition. 😖

Thanks for the laugh, @tarazkp and @acidyo 👊

Addendum: [to the tunes of Prince’s Get Up] all ya need is a shiny website.

As said: most will fail. :P

This one will never happen. It’s a social academic experiment to see how many suckers believe da bubble. :P

It is good to get more in then :D

Addendum: [to the tunes of Prince’s Get Up] all ya need is a shiny website.

Seen bilal's?

No, but I recently wanted to do a Steemian a favor and fell for the fake Monacoin $hitdrop.

Luckily I have $hitdrop social accounts and sign up only in a VM OS. I didn’t come to blockchain to give my accounts to everyone. We already have Facebook for that.

No risk involved.

Most of these are likely to fail but

all it takes is one just to get off the ground. You will never get a neg return, break even but never a negative return

I signed up using your link! Thanks! I'm usually quite skeptical about such things - the idea of getting something for free is too weird. I had the same feeling about ByteBall, but, in the end, it was quite fun to see some free money on my bank account! We'll see what happens to this one!

I think this is a bit different than byteball but, meh, who knows :) approved it.

Lambo on its way already :)

I joined a couple of weeks ago. Let's see whether we get rich :)

unlikely but, there is always a chance I guess :)

I don't particularly know much about initiative Q, but be informed that a lot of airdrops are actually scam and hack attempt. It's a complicated stuff they do but most require mails and yesterday a good friend of mine lost all his bitcoin from his Luno wallet after filling an airdrop. They hacked his email and got his luno password.

Just have to be careful.

resteem ☺👌

better opportunity