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I bet you've heard about bitcoin.

Yes, that magic internet money that is used by dark entities to complete shady transactions. That currency part of an economic bubble that has no future, knows no laws and it's only a matter of time for it to crash.

Well, turns out there's more than Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrencies. And everything the media and the government has told you about it might not be true. In fact, those preconceptions about crypto being some sort of magical money used only for illegal purposes is wrong.

Let me tell you about Steem - The Cryptocurrency for normal people such as you, me and your grandma

Or as you can see here, a cryptocurrency for everyone and anyone from all over the world

Steem is a cryptocurrency based on a decentralized blockchain - no CEO or Government regulates it - with several use cases other than just speculation and investment.

You can use the Steem to play trading card games, to connect your Wordpress blog to an everlasting and never censored platform, you can create controversial videos without the risk of getting demonetized, you can crowdfund your project ideas, measure and record your daily activity and excercise, review restaurants and read about great dishes around the world, among many, many more activities.

Oh right, I almost forgot!

You can also share your Artwork on Steem, get viewers and exposure, experience engagement and receiving feedback while create artistic connections with people like minded! And on top of that, you can actually monetize your content, no matter how many followers you have.

Hundreds of artists are already part of the Steem Blockchain, whether it is as part of an Art community or publishing their paintings, from writers attending workshops to improve their style to canvas painters looking to expand their follower base, no matter what kind of Art you are focused in, there is a community for that on Steem.

If you are an artist, you might be familiar with Inktober and how much this artistic idea has spread over the past few years.

Well, Steem is no exception. We caught the Inktober fever and a lot of the artists part of this Blockchain joined the artistic movement and in a matter of hours after October 1st, you could already notice how many people were publishing their art pieces on the Steem Platform.

That's when @ocd, a curation project, came up with an idea:

Why don't we put together a physical art gallery, featuring the best art pieces published on Steem regarding Inktober?

The biggest Steem event of the year was to be celebrated in Bangkok, Thailand from November 6-11. More than 150 Steemians from all over the world would attend, so it was the perfect venue to give some exposure and recognition to the artists who created some of the most amazing pieces of art for Inktober 2019.

We got busy and created a contest, inviting every artist from Steem to come up with their best pieces. Our curation team handled the task of finding them and rewarding them with cryptocurrency while our management team got to coordinate the physical gallery in Thailand.

What was the result of these efforts?

The First Physical Gallery powered by a Cryptocurrency - Steem - featuring 15 authors from all over the world


With more than 900 art pieces published on Steem about Inktober, our curation team spent several hours combined every week finding these gems and we rewarded them with thousands of dollars in our cryptocurrency - the Steem Coin - while giving them exposure and allowing other artists and content consumers to appreciate them and give them feedack or words of encouragement.

Art at @SteemFest by @ocd and @creativecoin, an artistic collaboration:

Thirty pieces of art from 15 Steem Artists. That might not sound like much, but when you put it into perspective... How many artists in the world are getting recognized, featured and rewarded in cryptocurrency and at the same time, are part of a gallery in the very downtown of Bangkok?

And all of that just because they are awesome and they publish their art work on the Steem Blockchain...

You're right, not many


Artists like @sweettais, @vasigo, @derosnec, @katharsisdrill published their Inktober artwork almost daily on the Steem Blockchain, and thanks to that, hundreds of people were lucky to appreciate their pieces.


Every Inktober prompt was a challenge for people like @nekromarinist, @michael.dime, @halzart, @shimozurdo and @marian0 and they rose up to the circumstances and came up with pieces like these, with only 24 hours to complete them.


@flynneastwood, @myopart, @shortcut, @mykkolyytinen and @doze shared their pieces on Steem and allowed us to admire them, both on the blockchain as in real life - for those who were lucky enough to attend the @steemfest event in Bangkok.


Not to mention the hundreds of Thai eyes and tourists that were able to appreciate the artwork. Without these artists, this whole initiative of having and live art gallery powered by Steem wouldn't have been possible.

These photographies by @derangedvisions are proof that cryptocurrency can be used to power and encourage Art creation and support artists on their never ending journey of inspiration and sharing.

So, if you are an artist and you kept reading up until here... why haven't you opened a Steem account already?

As you can see, there is so much to win and pretty much nothing to lose, while having lots and lots of potential learning, networking, crowdsourcing and inspiration getting from being part of the Steem Blockchain.

Come and be part of Steem. The future is already here

If you want a Steem account all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] telling us what kind of art you do and a link to other social media accounts you have and we'll get you all set up in one day

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Had no ideia this happened. That was an awesome idea!!

Well now you do! A resteem will help others find out about it :P

Ahahah I don't use the resteem feature that much... but this one is actually worth it; done! 😉 👍

It's an honor to be part of this gallery.
Thank you all of you who made this possible and big hug to all artists in Steem Blockchain!
Thanks @anomadsoul :)

Thanks to you mate! Without you and the other amazing artists this would't have happened!

Wow, I'm in great company in that gallery - it looks like it was an awesome time!! :D

Thank you again @anomadsoul for spearheading this project and helping those of us artists who couldn't be there in person for Steemfest be represented. You rock!

(also this is such a great post for me to share to fellow artists who I've been trying to get onto the platform, so thanks for that too!!)

We need your help to stay!
We no longer have happiness since this occurs!
God bless you if you’re willing to help us and rise us from the 1000 meters of a dig hole!
Reply on this comment even if prayer to us it will lead to a step!
If you’re willing to donate please donate God will provide you more!

This is one of the main ideas we have, to use this as an argument for artists to join the platform! Hopefully you'll be able to onboard some of them :) Thanks for being part of this.

Didn't know about that part of the recent Steemfest, that's unbelievably cool! :D

Oh damn, and to think at some point we thought we were posting too much about it, and yet there's a lot of people who didn't hear about it XD

I saw a lot of posts about steemfest but didn't get around to reading all of them so maybe that's why I didn't :)

is there already a market for a version for steem?

Hmm, not really, but if you see potential send me a DM on dicsord and we can chat about it

Greate post.

Very cool! That artwork is really something. I wish had heard more about Inktober earlier.

Next year you can join since day 1 :D

We need your help to stay!
We no longer have happiness since this occurs!
God bless you if you’re willing to help us and rise us from the 1000 meters of a dig hole!
Reply on this comment even if prayer to us it will lead to a step!
If you’re willing to donate please donate God will provide you more!

Twas a cool little exhibition judging by the images. Nice initiative. Making Steem interesting for artitst have always been one of the obvious possibilities and I have begun telling people about it again. Artists like to compete - they do it involuntarily - so as long as people used bitbots I wouldn't recommend it . I know that I feel it is cheating and so would my colleagues.

Now we need to turn the boat around.

Without bid bots it's now a fair game for everyone and talent will speak for itself, now its the time to bring these amazing artists to the platform!

This is so cool! That artwork is really something.

Great Post! Just upvoted it, and resteemed it.

Thanks for the resteem!

Wow! What impressive work. I honestly think I would faint if I had seen them in person. They are excellent.

I love inktober and I would have loved to participate, but it was for me impossible to do because first, I suck at following prompts (inktober also allows you to draw out of it and do your own) but anyway my hand has been sprained. I loved though to see steemit participating in inktober because it is an experience that bonds artists together but there are also photographers and artists in other media that maybe would have loved to contribute, or out of the prompt :).

Thanks again for all the support with Inktober, I wish I had the sense to get in touch about the exhibit but the most important thing is that you helped elevate art on Steem so we all win!

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