Fauxtober2018 (17/31) Swollen (In 2 Days!)

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Here's my next Inktober challenge done intentionally wrong! -- Okay, I just didn't wanna do it traditionally, as in the rules!

And I was veeeery excited to show my latest live stream layout!!!


I was soooooo happy, coz it used to be something like this:


Something I couldn't avoid last time, coz the overlapping windows would show up, and my private messages would be leaked! (scream! -- naw, it's not too bad lol)

I finally got fixed, and I felt like a GOD!

Except I didn't realize everyone saw it like thiiiis!:



Sooooo glad that @justnyz saw this and told me about it! The rest of this session was sleepy me fixing this issue, and Justnyz helping me with it, and me feeling guilty I couldn't just do a drawing!

Oh wait!

I did get this!


Oh, uhm and screwed up "anatomy corrected" version:


I gave up.

And I entered...

Day 2 - Art Process

I just thought of drawing a running person... from my mind:


And I realized I had a mannequin:


Ooooh, nice!


Now we have multiple layers of drafts. I lighten the lower layers each time I add a new one above.


And I'm liking the inking so far! It's quite much easier to connect the lines when you use the shape dynamics! :O I guess I'm keeping it on next time :)


Oh sheits, I'm running outta time!

Let's hurry shade this dude!


Ohhhhhh, gaaaawd, he looks scary. My mom, @crazymum, saw this and commented exactly that, lol!

That's what happens when you have a naked man and an artist who doesn't have time management!

Weelll, I guess there was a lotta drama here. Hope you enjoyed! :)

Video Process


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They look like pencil art, and you did all on a computer...wow

Hahaha, yeah. There's a pencil textured tool. In the right contexts, it really feels like one! :D

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Swollen faces ! Just like mine :D :D :D... I mean like my inktober's piece ... my actual face is not swollen (at the moment)


Nice drawings, Russell :D

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