Inktober 25 -- Prickly

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Yes, guys!
I've been mistaken all along!

I kept citing the Inktober's webpage (at rules) to say I was violating the challenge rules by not using actual INK. Only today did I realize that they didn't restrict you from doing anything, so long as it was art!! Thank goodness I browsed their FAQ and found this fact!

Without further ado!

My Prickly Art Pieces in a Comic in ... 35 Minutes?

You know the irony?
I drew them all anyways, now, didn't I?


I'm soooo surprised
how bad the quality of the art was today!

Reviewing my video, I realized that the art was poorer because:

  1. Alternating between creating script & art
  2. Splitting time between 4 panels: (4, 8, 5, & 12 minutes!)
  3. Rough type of "brush" used
  4. Doing many unexpected poses for panel 4! ":D
  5. Last and BIGGEST of all. I challenged myself to do it all before dinner only x"D (sob sob, lol)

Oh, if you still don't understand panel 4,
it's supposed to at least
remotely resemble
something like the following!

And I hope you enjoyed!

# Script / Description
1 Russ: Where can I find something prickly?
Narration Box: Spikey hair over here
2 Russ: This porcupine? Erm, nope. Too hard. (* Copied from Google)
3 Russ: This Cactus? Wait a minute! Too many needles!
4 Russ: Naaaaaaaaaaw! I'll just draw my own spikey hair (Snaps picture of himself!)

Video of Drawing Process without 1st Picture

Discord Groups I've Joined!:

steemit-webcomics discord channel

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hahahahah your own hair XD that's a pretty funny idea, considering a LOT of anime style drawing hair IS quite prickly :)

Hahaha! Very cool!

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haha this is so cool @reconstitution I used to have this things in my mind, the stuff where I am thinking of what to include but ends up including all of it haha. Also isnt that your pic on the reconspam account ?

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