OhLife#11 - SCORCHED, Faux-Inktober#19

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My 19th Inktober challenge.
Prompt "Scorched"
Done digitally.
Against the rules.

Tired explain newb drawing.
Please read newb comic:

Fire, Metal, Earth, and Sweat.
With their powers combined.
They are Captain Planet!


Didn't wanna explain drawing process.
In 30 minutes.

Got a brilliant idea.
Do a comic strip.

For 2 hours.

Used character "Zuko" from "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

1Russ: Oh God. There goes my desktop PC.
2Russ: How am I going to fix my PC... in time for my next Inktober challenge!?
3Zuko: You idiot! Causing destruction after we achieved world peace??
4Zuko: I will avenge you, my metal friend.
Russ: Metal devices ... aren't part of the Earth Kingdom

Unedited Video of Drawing / Coloring Process

  1. Zuko ... alone:
  • Whole Comic Strip:
  • Source:

    • Colorful Character : Zuko from "Avatar : The Last Airbender Series"
    • Zuko Position: here

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    XD so funny, the avatar of a computer came to life!? The pose is so epic :D

    Pretty fun! I gotta remind myself to watch the videos later

    Thanks!! :D
    Oh yeah! hope you can learn from my vids :)

    I'm pretty sure I will

    This is great I didn't know that Zuko is after you @reconstitution better call in Baldy to help I think Zuko thinks that Baldy is the Avatar.

    Oh sheits!
    That's a goooooood one!
    Felt like I saw a glimpse of a future comic post, lol!
    You might just strike the next inspiration in me!
    :D :D :P

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