OhLife#13 - Drain Expensive Mud (Digi-Inktober#21-23)

in #inktober2 years ago (edited)

Here's my next Inktober /
Faux-tober /
Digi-inktober /
Comic-tober ---

Well, enough of my nonsense!

I'm doing the Inktober Challenge
but it seems that I have no way of
doing it the conventional way,
by the rules.

I just haaaaad to deviate with these:

1 Doing the daily prompt non-daily
2 Doing them digitally
3 Do them to make comic strips
4 Posting multiple prompts in a post
5 And maybe nothing else more? haha

For this post, I'm using the prompts, drain, expensive, muddy for this comic strip.

With no further ado.

Please read.

What do you think happened?
What do you think is gonna happen?

1Ambience: Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock ...
2(Ambience: ) ... tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock ...
Window: Click.
Window Sill: creeeaaAAAAAKK
3Wind: Fwoooshh
Mud: Shplii-- Shapp--
4More Mud: Slop Shlpp

Picture of Comic Making Process




Hope you enjoyed! Or learned. Or suffered. Whatever's your cup of tea ":D

Video of Process

  • Adding Ink & Color

  • Adding Fancy Text:

  • Finishing off my Steem Blockchain post!

  • Editing Post After Publishing via Steempress

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    @reconstitution it's been awhile. It's great to see your entire process for these.

    Hey heeeey, mourningnoodles!
    Yeahhhh, it's been ages! :D
    Great to see you around :)

    (Btw you can check / try out this cheap and easy #dtubesnap tag thingy.)

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    Oh, this looks really cool in full colours !! Nicely done, Russell !!! :D

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