Inktober 2018 Challenge: Day 1 – Poisonous [Drawing]

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Greetings, everyone!

It is my greatest pleasure again to share to you the challenge I entered last year. Remember Inktober? I had a link last year about it here in here.

So, I joined the challenge for this year’s Inktober, and the theme written in the prompt list for Day 1 is “Poisonous”. Well, we know that the prompt list is not strictly supposed to be theme for the challenge of every day, but it can be a guide.

Therefore, I decided to draw a bottle of poison as some of the liquid contents had spilled. I would like to share it here in Steemit, the step-by-step process of how I did it.

1. Outline

First, I drew and outline of the drawing I plan to achieve.


Now, in a different sheet, I drew a bottle with the dripping liquid on the bottle and on the almost peeled off label.

Next, I drew the spilled liquid poison on the floor and the lid that fell on the spilled liquid.

2. Shading

For the next part, I shaded the bones on the label that almost peeled off, followed by the dripping liquid.

Now, I first used a dark purple pen to shade the dripping liquid, and by a dark blue pen only for the edges of the dripping ink to further enhance the color on the sides.

In the next picture, I gave details on the lines of the picture so it would give emphasis. (I learned that to achieve this, you should use a thicker point of pen.) The shading is continued as well.

3. Finishing Touches

I left a small space of dripped liquid poison on the floor as seen on the white portion at the leftmost part of the spilled liquid of this photo and a few more lines as the final finishing touches for the drawing.

Before the final photo, these are the pens that I have used from top to bottom: a purple gel pen, a blue retractable pen, and a black Pilot G-Tec-C4 of 0.3 point pen contained as a refill in a blue G-Tec-C4 case. :)

And now, the final photo is the one that I have posted in the group as my entry for the theme “Poisonous”.

If you also wish to take part in the Inktober 2018 Challenge, grab your inking materials and paper, draw a work of art for each day of October using ink (pens can be used ^_^), and post them online. You can choose whatever form of online site as social networking sites also count (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

This post is open for feedback and thank you for dropping this post! :)

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