Inktober 2018 Compilation of Drawings :)

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Greeting, everyone!

So, due to some adult-ing stuff that I need to look into (such as processing papers, valid IDs, processing clearances), I was unable to upload the whole month of drawings for last year's Inktober 2018.

Therefore, upon having some time, I will be posting all the photos with their corresponding themes for the sake of looking for points of improvement. If anyone who knows how to draw very well in whatever medium or manner, feel free to comment for any points of improvement. Your words will be very much appreciated. Thanks~!

Inktober is a challenge to draw using ink that is done for every day of October and is open for anyone who wishes to participate. You can find more about it from the official page of Inktober from here.

I followed the theme from last year’s prompt list since it seemed doable although sometimes there are themes that I really have no idea what to draw for a certain day.

Without further ado, here are the list of themes and my corresponding drawing for each of them. 😊

Day 1: Poisonous

“A bottle of poison”

Also found at Inktober 2018 Challenge: Day 1 – Poisonous [Drawing].

Day 2: Tranquil

"My own version of tranquil is reading a book with some hot coffee on a rainy day. ”

Also seen at Inktober 2018 Day 2 – Tranquil: My Idea of Tranquil | Drawing.

Day 3: Roasted

"Roasted marshamllows for smores"

Also found at Inktober 2018 Day 3: Roasted—Roasted Marshmallows for Smores | Drawing

Day 4: Spell

" Unleashing a musical spell"

Also shown in Inktober 2018 Day 4: Unleashing a Musical Spell | Drawing x Poetry.

Day 5: Chicken

"How to be a chicken for a day"

Day 6: Drooling

" Drooling in sleep"

Day 7: Exhausted

“I’m exhausted from having no better ideas.”

Day 8: Star

“What if stars also have their shifts before appearing as they perform to shine on the stage of the night sky?”

Day 9: Precious

"Precious memories"

Day 10: Flowing

" Flowing river"

Day 11: Cruel

"Animal Cruelty"

Day 12: Whale

"A whale cheering for you"

Day 13: Guarded

“The door was guarded by a soldier in camouflage.”

Day 14: Clock

"What if clocks also “time-in” before they start their day?”

Day 15: Weak

“The rope is already weak and old, but is has carried all her childhood memories.”

Day 16: Angular

“She used angular momentum to improve her performance.”

Day 17: Swollen

"It’s hard when all you get is a swollen face after eating a peanut butter-jelly sandwich."

Day 18: Bottle

"I’m sinking inside a bottle unconsciously."

Day 19: Scorched


Day 20: Breakable

"The walls of your troubles and problems are breakable. You can overcome them. You can get past them."

Day 21: Drain

“In our city, some sidewalks with cemented covers for the drainage looked like this, and sometimes even the holes are larger that sometimes it feels safer to walk on the road instead.”

Day 22: Expensive

"One day, even plants might be very expensive due to their scarcity if we don’t choose to take care of them now."

Day 23: Muddy

"Walking on a rainy day without getting your shoe muddy is a skill, but it is a test almost all of us fail at doing."

Day 24: Chop

"Chopping cucumbers made me think of them as “vegetable cookies”.”"

Day 25: Prickly

"This prickly cactus has just celebrated its first year. 😉 "

Day 26: Stretch

"To stretch rubber bands and make a star—sometimes, even a double star, is one of the greatest childhood challenges among some kids in our neighborhood.”

Day 27: Thunder

"When a thunder has sounded, surely there are two shadows hiding under the table."

Day 28: Gift

"The gift was too tall to fit inside the box."

Day 29: Double

"I’ve always wanted to see a double-yolked egg."

Day 30: Jolt

![D30 Jolt.jpg]()
"In a cold, dry environment, it is very likely to experience a jolt of electricity upon contact with another person’s elbow."

Day 31: Slice

"I really, really want to eat a big slice of cake. 😉 ”

Then here is the official prompt list for this month.

I’m really glad to be a part of this year’s Inktober.

My Favorite Entry

The most challenging of all became my favorite entry. It was Day 26th’s Stretch! Drawing a hand is already a challenge for me, however, this one became much more complicated because I really grabbed a rubber band to make a star. You need two hands to make a star, but I also needed to draw the position where a rubber band star can be shown.

So, I took turns from holding the rubber band for a position of a star to drawing that image of holding the rubber band star. I’ve thought of asking a companion to take a picture of me holding a rubber band star so that I can focus on drawing the situation, but the colors and shadows of drawing from a picture and drawing from seeing a certain scene is different. It turned pretty similar to what really happened though the outline of the hands still has to be improved.

If you liked any of the drawings, don’t forget to leave an upvote or if you have a comment, suggestion, tip for me, let me know by leaving a comment below.

*Thank you for dropping by! 😉


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