Y2 W38 workout 2c, Summer

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I planned for my workouts this week to be “post COVID recovery.” But I wasn’t a slouch. My heart was pounding and my lungs were digging deep today

It was July 8 that I first began feeling symptoms of the dread disease. Today, one full month later, I am ready to declare myself recovered. The stuff knocked the stuffin' out of me but I am well once again.


Reps (goal 15-25)
-Bicep Curls 60x91 (dkgry) drag 0 (ltgry) traditional -diminishing range to fatigue
-Calf Raises 50x217 (dkgry) diminishing range to fatigue (straps)
-Bent Row 31x93 (ltgry) diminishing range to fatigue underhand
-Deadlift is 27x217 (dkgry) diminishing range to fatigue (straps)
-Pull aparts 30x80 (ltgry) 60 secondsx80 stretch (ltgry)


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