Fixing potholes very cheaply all over the world - by @bigbear

in #innovation4 years ago

I cannot think that people can get such bright ideas, as this is such a necessary machine for so many cities.

I do not know who came up with the idea but I personally think it is wonderful.

Just think of the manpower and the time that can be saved by such a machine.

I really hope this goes very wide for people to see as this is something that every city needs.

Here where we live people plant flowers in the potholes just so that they can be visible to those who do not know about them.

It is a bright idea only it does not solve the problem.

This is one of the most fantastic machines that I have seen in a long time. I really hope you enjoyed this like I did.

Video Source Youtube

Have a nice day from @bigbear


Please send it to a many villages in Poland <3 Kamieniec_Szalejow_Gorny_road.jpg

It's the same in my country here in Turkey

It would be interesting to see a video of it in action, and estimated cost. Pot holes are an enormous problem and cause damage to tyres.

This is excellent...where on earth wouldn't need this Goddamn machine. Our roads re potholes sisters...please we need loving this but we have government that doesn't care...they may never see any good about this...crazy though...thanks for bringing this up. Love it

BOY do we need this in Johannesburg!!

The Main Road through Roodepoort , you could just about lose your Car in them!

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