Beetle scrapyard

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beetles ants.jpg

The ants have been very busy disassembling these dead beetles and carrying them back to their nests. To give an idea of scale, the ants are about 7mm long. If you look at the spotty shells, which are the beetle wing cases, that's the equivalent of a human dismantling a car, then carrying the bonnet about 2km down the road and then trying to fit it into a hole just wider than 2 or 3 humans. The shells always lie around in quantity around the ant nest opening, making it look like a spare parts yard. I also wonder where it is that they found so many of the same kind of dead beetle in the first place.

Do they slowly chew the exoskeletons into smaller pieces that fit down the hole? They seem to me to just leave them piled up there.

Anyone who knows the answer to this is welcome to comment


Maybe its a status symbol for the colony to have a parkinglot full of vw bugs outside their home.

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hahaha I love the analogy you used.

Could be used as a protective measure? or to attract more bugs to the area?
Why go out to bring food if you can bring food closer?
Anyways; no idea why.

Good to see you visiting anyway :) Have you become a dedicated gamer along with @linnyplant?

hahaha not as dedicated as @linnyplant
I blame her and her posts for any gaming addictions.

It sounds serious in her case!

hahaha first time she is playing this sort of game. She is doing well.

Amazing ants! Who hunt and eat these ants?!

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Nothing that I know of

I always admire ants and the way they live their life. They are very united

They do work hard

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That's funny Beatle scrap yard. It's weird they are like plagues at the moment

That's funny Beatle
Scrap yard. It's weird they are like
Plagues at the moment

                 - sanddrift

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

These are surpluses :-)))))

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