Ny Post Insiders Gripe About Biden Coverage - Business Insider

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$9 billion cybersecurity firm Tanium exercises stock buyback clause - Business Insider: Rosalie Chan

One former employee described it as a "gut punch." An expert says 'this is not the standard for venture capital backed companies.'


Read: Robert Smith's letter to Vista investors on tax evasion scandal - Business Insider: Taylor Nicole Rogers

"The decision made twenty years ago has regrettably led to this turmoil, which has put undue stress and burden on too many," Smith wrote.


NY Post insiders gripe about Biden coverage - Business Insider: Lucia Moses, Lauren Johnson

The publication of the story so close to the election quickly stirred questions and conspiracy theories among some Post rank-and-file.


Airbnb is the most valuable private firm in America. Here's why. - Business Insider: Prof G

In just 12 years, Airbnb has amassed 7 million listings worldwide — more than major hotel companies like Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott combined.


US enters third, possibly largest, coronavirus wave as new cases spike - Business Insider: Aria Bendix

The surge was expected, experts said: Lockdowns have lifted, more people are spending time indoors, and "pandemic fatigue" has set in.


Trump world braces for a blowout loss by playing the blame game - Business Insider: Tom LoBianco, Dave Levinthal

Trump's advisers and GOP leaders are starting to cast blame for a possible blowout loss on Election Day, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republicans.


I'm Chris Hemsworth's stunt double. Here's what my job is like. - Business Insider: Mark Williams

Bobby Holland Hanton, 36, underwent intense training as a gymnast and high-diver to help build his career.


Dan Sundheim's D1 Capital has seen strong performance, AUM growth - Business Insider: Bradley Saacks, Alex Morrell

All you need to know about billionaire Dan Sundheim's art collection, Hamptons property, and D1 Capital's performance and AUM growth.


How to stay safe from COVID-19 when you're meeting people outside - Business Insider: The Conversation

Dr. Thomas Russo says the recent ceremony in the White House Rose Garden as perfect example of what not to do — hugging and shaking hands are big nos.


Mitch McConnell expects Trump to lose the election, economist says - Business Insider: Shalini Nagarajan

McConnell won't push his party to back a big relief bill, because "splitting the party is death to the leader," Ian Shepherdson said.

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