The Importance of Self-Motivation.

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We can get encouragement and assistance from other people but the bulk of the duty in achieving a purposeful life lies within us. No one will write our script or play our part, or run our race. To overcome the hurdles of life, self-motivation plays a big role. Motivation is a subconscious process of summoning courage in order to achieve a positive goal. Depression sets in when there is lack of self-motivation. When you are down, you need to pick yourself up. Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Always have something positive to look forwarded to, and most importantly never forget the LOVE from your CREATOR, HE CARES AND IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. Negative attitude is a setback, but with the right positive attitude you can overcome those setbacks.

We are the architect of our own lives and with a strong WILL POWER we can create a positive environment around us. Nothing happens without any effort, it is a law of life that we reap what we sow. To get love, we must give love. To get a good grade in school, we must read and take the assignments, test, and examinations seriously. In applying this principle of success, we must be willing to make sacrifices, by leaving our comfort zones. Mistakes are part of life, and are avoidable lessons. When certain negative things happen in life, we need to take a careful reflective look at it, and find a link to such habit or event, and which may lead us to the finding the solution. Absorb the lessons of life, those are the ingredients that form great people. The same wind blows us, but what we make of it differs, growth and success is a factor of the lessons we have learned and applied in life.

Choose happiness over depression. Happiness is not sold or bought, it is a choice. Don't attached your happiness to any thing other than contentment and peace of mind. If we put our happiness on material things, as soon as that thing or property vanishes, it takes the happiness along with it. Life is lived inwardly and expressed outwardly, let love, joy, happiness, and peace, spring from your heart. 100% of the outcome we get in life is as a result of the choice we make, while most decisions are free and simple, they may have very heavy implications. So think through every thought and decision, envision the outcome, before settling in. Anything that does not promote love, will plunge you further deep down. Each time we do the right thing, we are overwhelmed by a certain type of confidence, which helps boost self-motivation. In essence, we draw courage from past successes, and learn from failures. Don't forget the importance of self check and reflection, this could be done by setting aside a quite time to access your difficulties, successes and efforts. In a constantly challenging world, we need self-motivation as a tonic to stay afloat.



Well done on the words, I liked it ..
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

I feel like people who are highly motivated are born that way.

Amazing photo

Fantastic picture

I love bringing roses to a woman when she least expects it.

Very well said, Everyone tells you what is best for you. They do not want you to look for answers but you create theirs. Stop collecting information from the outside and start looking for it inside yourself. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. The most encouraging and motivational words are not those you can read but those that push you every day to fight for what you most want. Having an aspiration and desire to achieve something is that motivation that will make you overcome your own limits. Seek your limits, overcome them and triumph!

Self-motivation is key! We can't always depend on people or things around us to stay motivated, if we do we will hardly ever be motivated. Great post, I always look forward to your posts.

Everything that happens in life happens for a reason. The bad times are there as a stepping stone to help us grow more and so there are consequences for whatever action we take. Thanks for the message.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Motivation arises spontaneously when we are doing things that we love. If you are having to constantly force yourself to be motivated you may want to consider if what you are really walking the right path. You know you have found your calling/s when you wake up excited to start your day. Best of luck everyone!

Thanks, i know that feeling, its like your searching for something that you can't explain

You wrote it so well to understand.
Very Powerful. Self-motivation is the best motivation. :)

Very nice content..

Excelente publicación, contiene consejos positivos para ayudar a las personas a salir de la depresión. Debemos recordar que la vida es bella y que de cada situación difícil, por muy mala que parezca siempre tiene algo positivo que nos ayudara a ser más fuertes. Felicitaciones, continua en tu labor motivacional.

Build motivation.. Thank you @bestgift

Indeed, we learn form failures and if we fail we have new space to grow towards our goal in life. Thanks for sharing this knowledge!

You can't rely on others to motivate you, you gotta learn to do it yourself! Thanks for this!

Amazing... so i followed :) .... upvote

Self motivation is like the foundations of a house. Whenever you try to achieve something in your life or personal projects, you must have a strong self motivation beacuse when bad times come (and eventually they will come) your project will collapse if you are not self motivated. It works like a shield against troubles and hurdles. Of course, it is complicated to be self motivated all the time, but I am sure that one of the differences between succesful people and those who are not is that they keep self motivated in spite of the difficulties that they have.

Time won't stop for you. Worrying and stressing is simply a waste of time.

Nothing will change your situation more than changing your attitude. Perspective is everything. Be thankful for your struggles, because there is a lesson to be a learned in the end of it.

Be strong and know that you are in God's hands. Everything will work out. It may not be today or tomorrow, but eventually the pieces will fall into place and you will understand why the battle was worth it.

You can conquer anything you put your mind to. So breathe, take a minute, reevaluate, and grow love ❤️

I love the first photo. Is it a composite? What a great timing because there is a shooting star!

Very nice, inspirational and motivational post. @bestgift. We may get encouragement from other people Only we can do wonder for ourself. Self belief or self-motivation is a tonic to do what ever you gain in this world. The best helping hand is your other hand. Keep sharing nice post @bestgift

You are really a motivator. Very inspiring and motivating post. Thanks.

Really great motivation. I find it is extremely easy to look outward for motivation but often the motivation from within is the strongest.

thanks to self motivation is that we achieve our goals, here in Venezuela we have to strive more than usual to stay motivated due to the crisis that is lived here, everything is possible if we are properly motivated!

Nice post @bestgift. Some of us have not move further because we are still waiting for someone or something to motivate us. Which has delayed the level of success we supposed to have achieved. One might have the tools, talents, and skills to move further but because he lacks self motivation he can't go further. Thanks for letting everyone know that we all need self motivation to go higher.

To overcome the hurdles of life, self-motivation plays a big role.

I learnt that if you sit and wait for others to motivate you, you might sit for ever....

Thank you for writing positive article like this one. With so much negativity going on around us, positive content like this is really needed. I agree with you, that self motivation is what will push us towards achieving happiness and success that we have dream on for so long.

Self-motivation is like a muscle which has to be trained every single day. It doesn't come and then just stay! Good post! :)

thank you for the motivation!

When you are at the top be careful of the monster called PRIDE. Pride will make you look down on the people who haven't attained your level of success. When you are at the bottom ,be careful of the monster called BITTERNESS. Bitterness will make you jealous and think other people are the reason you haven't made it.when you are on the way to the top,be careful of the monster called GREED. Greed will make you impatient and make you steal or seek shortcuts. When you are on your way down, be careful of the monster called DESPAIR. Despair will make you think it's all over yet there is still hope.

Self motivation is basically the only way to go. It comes from the inside while encouragement from other people will fade as the motivation comes not from yourself.

You are absolutely right! Self-motivation is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves!) By the way, I recently wrote about this post If you do not praise yourself - then no one praises you. Questions of self-motivation.
I will be happy with your comments!)

Self Motivation is a great factor for ones achievement in life. I can tell you that because i wasn't in the best place last year. but now with a little self motivation, I am different person.


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Sin duda alguna de gran importancia automotivarnos " AMOR PROPIO " Gran post. Gracias

Self-motivatin is the only right way

Self motivation is very important to everybody! It is complicated to keep, but it is so necessary!

good life

The right person to marry is yourself because that who you're truly gonna stay with until death takes you apart. Loving your self where you are is the only way to get where you wanna go. 😊

I think that we are the best machine of self-motivation: I appreciate your content, because it creates in me a good morning energy in myself.
We often have to dimostrate something to the others, but the other people are not positive towards us and so we have to find the power to go on in usself.
Maybe self-evaluation is one of the best mean to get better, but we have to find also the energy to support our choices or our thoughts in self-motivation.
Grat post!

You are absolutely right, it is we who write our scripts, who are the owners of our acts and who decide how to be. There must always be an inner self that is encouraging us and saying "I can do it". Excellent publication;)

I agree with it completely. Everyday requires a push to ourselves. Right from waking up in the morning to get down of the bed and start the routine till the time we hit the sack. Everything requires a push and obviously to achieve bigger things in life, self-motivation is a must

wow that is such a nice article! I'm glad I found you here :)

Choose happiness over depression. Happiness is not sold or bought, it is a choice. Don't attached your happiness to any thing other than contentment and peace of mind

Love it!

Totally agreed with you!
Self-motivation is very important!

Great post!

Nice post

hi @bestgift. Inspiring your post. The self-motivation is to inject oneself the energy necessary to achieve the objectives set.

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wow thanks alot this was so motivating.but i find it difficult to live a happy life.every bit thing keeps me depress.i will take this motivating peace of work and work on it and see how it will make my life better,.thanks new on steeemit and a writer.would be honored you read my posts


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Cheers for sharing this!

I feel it's so important that our self image, passions, the truth, safety and expectations all come together in some degree of alignment. ie being honest/loving with ourselves and are either already in alignment with our Joy or doing the work to walk the journey... the beauty is in the journey anyway... day by day 💖

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