Happiness is the key!

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You want to know something?


Happiness is the key.

I was talking to my friend the other day about things that make people #happy. And, guess what? We had different opinions. That’s not strange actually, due to the fact that all of us are unique individuals. P.S. Another reason to stop competing all the bloody time!
He’s more of an extroverted person and climbing rocks at 5AM represents an epitome of great fun! Haha, he was surprised to find out that I’m more of a book reading and spa relaxation kind of girl rather than adventurous rock climbing Lara Croft, but don’t get me wrong, this bookworm had its Lara Croft moments, believe me that! P.S. Dancing on concerts is also cool, right?
Beside those individual differences, we agreed on some general characteristic of happy people. I’ve performed a simple research on people I already know and came to these facts.

Happy people:

  1. Ignore nonsense
  2. Talk less or don’t gossip
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Help less fortunate
  5. Laugh a lot
  6. Wake up early at the same time
  7. Have no entitlement issues
  8. Are thankful

Indeed, people who ignore drama and nonsense from the media, are more likely to have a #clearmind and be able to #focus on things that matter most. Gossiping is really destructive, I find that people without ideas talk about other people. That kind of thing can lead to social envy and depressive or, on the other hand, angry behavior. Learning new stuff helps your brain to stay young, also new skills can always good for self-development.

Helping the less fortunate ones is always a good idea, the more you give the more you’ll receive. It’s scientifically proven that #laughing can trigger chemicals for healing and raise your #serotonin levels which makes your immune system stronger. I’ve recently read the book 12 Rules for Life, by #JordanPeterson. There was an argument about waking up early every day at the same time which really struck me because I didn’t take it that seriously. Peterson said that is the first thing they do to clinical patients to restore routine and order in their lives.

Just imagine this, if you can’t wake up early every day at the same time, what kind of control you actually have of your life? Just think about it for a minute. That’s the first thing you have to do to turn chaos into order in your life, and that really amazed me. I already wrote about taking baby steps in finding out your passion in life in my previous article, and I sincerely hope that these rules help you as much as the last ones did.

I won’t write a lot about entitlement problems, because that sentence says it all, but I will highlight the fact that ambitious people are at the top, and that is the deal with success these days. Last but not least, being thankful is the key to #happiness!
Yes, being thankful makes you feel better, gives you peace and makes you see things in a positive way! Have fun my #Steemitbloggers and #enjoy life!

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