Behind every smile and laughter, there's deep pain and trauma you don't know

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Because you see people everyday, all smiles, nicely attired and oozing of nice cologne and all shades of happiness doesn't mean all's well with them. You don't know how they labour for the little they have, yet you'll find people dishing hate and unpleasant remarks towards them.

I've really learnt to be empathic with people, even when there's no indication of what they go through, I feel like is simpler and better that way.
And I understand that life isn't as fair as it seems, even when some it seems all glittering, there's always something deep and touching about it.
Behind every smile and laughter, there's deep pain and trauma you don't know.
Behind that girl who can't love again, there's an unforgettable heartbreak.
Behind that student who doesn't pass exams, he or she could be brilliant but maybe facing too many challenges taking his time and thoughts.
Behind the philanthropist who swore never to help anyone no matter how close, he could have been duped or taken for granted.
Behind that guy who keeps to himself must have been stabbed by friends.

There's always a story we do not know from a distant observation about individuals
So don't judge, criticize or hate anyone especially when you don't know or understand them.


Nice post. I love how you are able to see past the surface, even when what is on the surface may be negatively affecting you. My pastor always says, hurt people, hurt people. I try to remember that when someone is acting rude or selfishly, but it is always nice to get reminders. Good work.

We usually judge without knowing the burdens of other people.

Exactly. More like human nature to assume others life which we know nothing about apart from the outside look we see

It is never really about someone else. Judgment is always about us

We don't judge ourselves because we know our pains, we know where the house is leaking on us. But we assume others to be in perfect shape

If we knew our pains we could be more loving and compassionate towards ourselves,,,,,, And then we would be more loving and compassionate toward others...... We don't want to feel pain , but If we Numb ourselves to pain , we also numb ourselves to joy.......... Being human is so simple that its complicated

smiles laughter covers many things like shame just be happy and take things off your mind