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RE: Winning the Lottery

in #inspiration3 years ago

And I hope you'll win and come to my neighbourhood though😊 you know what @donna-metcalfe, when somebody told you she wants a nice underwear, it does means she wants a comfort life. I read something from a magazine years ago, underwear is the most important thing for a woman😊 but you don't have to win a lottery to have a comfort one! You're right... I just don't understand why most American people love to buy the lottery tickets?


Thank you, and don't worry, I haven't given up on that idea!

Interesting about the underwear. And you're right, you don't have to be wealthy to buy some!

As to why we buy the tickets? It reminds me of this little story:
A man prays to God, "Please let me win the lottery!"
Each week he doesn't win and he starts to get angry.
"Please God, let me win the lottery!"
Still he doesn't win.
"Oh God, You know all the good things I would do with the money! Please, one time, let me win!"
God has been listening and finally says to the man, "Help me out, at least buy a ticket!"

😂😂😂😂 ROFL... please donna😁 it already 3 am here in my place,I can't stop laughing. Are you sure you don't want to write an open mic comedy post?

Glad I made you laugh!

I don't know what the open mic comedy thing is. Guess I should look it up?

Now get some sleep! :-D