Winning the Lottery

In the past few weeks there was a lottery fever going on across the United States. The main prize grew from several hundred million dollars to over a billion. Then it happened – the winning numbers were chosen and in that instant someone became a billionaire!


No, it wasn't me.

But it reminded me of something I wrote years ago when the California State Lottery prize topped 100 million dollars. On the day of the drawing the amount grew by 1 million dollars an hour as people bought their last-minute tickets. Every ticket held within it the dream of wealth, and millions of people shared that dream.

“What would you do with all that money?” was a popular topic that day. I talked with several people who, for a variety of reasons, were not interested in winning the lottery at all! Most people, however, had plans already in place. Houses, travel, gifts to friends and family, freedom, and luxury - these and more were dreams held by many.

One lady shared her private dream, “I always promised myself that if I became wealthy I’d buy myself some really nice underwear!” I had to laugh, because just that morning I had thought to myself that I’d buy some really nice bath towels!

This moved the conversation into a different area - what small luxuries could we add to our lives that would be meaningful - and enjoyable - on a daily basis? We certainly don’t need a million dollars to buy nice underwear or towels, bath salts or shoes, a day at a spa or a massage!

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I think dreams of wealth are very useful - they put us in touch with how we would like to live our lives. Sudden wealth could allow these changes to happen quickly. But the big question is are we willing to put the energy into making our dreams come true by our own efforts? Will I take the time to get in my car and drive over to pick out some nice towels? Or will I continue to dry myself off every day with the same old tattered ones?

If travel or a new house are part of your dreams, have you set aside a “Wish Fund” for it? If you want a new job, have you updated your resume and started seriously looking around for different employment?

Whether you ever win the lottery or not, perhaps it's time to sift through your dreams and begin to fulfill a few. And while you are doing that, if you can learn to be happy with what you have right now, you will have learned something that money can never buy.

Everyone gets a free ticket for this Contentment Lottery, and even better, you get to pick the winner!

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And I hope you'll win and come to my neighbourhood though😊 you know what @donna-metcalfe, when somebody told you she wants a nice underwear, it does means she wants a comfort life. I read something from a magazine years ago, underwear is the most important thing for a woman😊 but you don't have to win a lottery to have a comfort one! You're right... I just don't understand why most American people love to buy the lottery tickets?

Thank you, and don't worry, I haven't given up on that idea!

Interesting about the underwear. And you're right, you don't have to be wealthy to buy some!

As to why we buy the tickets? It reminds me of this little story:
A man prays to God, "Please let me win the lottery!"
Each week he doesn't win and he starts to get angry.
"Please God, let me win the lottery!"
Still he doesn't win.
"Oh God, You know all the good things I would do with the money! Please, one time, let me win!"
God has been listening and finally says to the man, "Help me out, at least buy a ticket!"

😂😂😂😂 ROFL... please donna😁 it already 3 am here in my place,I can't stop laughing. Are you sure you don't want to write an open mic comedy post?

Glad I made you laugh!

I don't know what the open mic comedy thing is. Guess I should look it up?

Now get some sleep! :-D

Chasing the dream is the American way. Your reach should always exceed your grasp. You offer some good commentary on that. Take the time to grab a few dreams that are within your reach. And consider what you have. Many of the things that I thought I had to have 20 years ago aren't important at all to me anymore.

Many of the things that I thought I had to have 20 years ago aren't important at all to me anymore.

How very true - great point!

I did go buy some nice towels by the way. A luxury to enjoy every day.
I might dream of having a second home in some really nice place, but the fact of it is it's all I can do to keep up with this one! That's a reasonable goal and it doesn't take millions of dollars. ;-)

Do not wish for sudden wealth on anyone! It'll be the biggest curse for that person and everyone around him or her.

I grew up in a family of wealth. My father grew up poor but became a self-made millionaire before he was 21 years old (he did not even graduate from 5th grade).

I have many real-life horror stories to back up my warning.

I have also heard about many sad stories resulting from sudden wealth.

I can share in private, but, trust me.

Money or wealth is not evil, but the love of money or wealth is.

Being wealthy is not a sin, but die wealthy is.

You are right to point out the difference between the fantasy of wealth and the reality!

A fantasy doesn't include the responsibilities or problems that come with the real thing. It is 'play money' and a pipe dream and everything fun with no worries. The fantasy is that money will solve all problems, not that it will create new and different and maybe worse ones!