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RE: Winning the Lottery

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Do not wish for sudden wealth on anyone! It'll be the biggest curse for that person and everyone around him or her.

I grew up in a family of wealth. My father grew up poor but became a self-made millionaire before he was 21 years old (he did not even graduate from 5th grade).

I have many real-life horror stories to back up my warning.

I have also heard about many sad stories resulting from sudden wealth.

I can share in private, but, trust me.

Money or wealth is not evil, but the love of money or wealth is.

Being wealthy is not a sin, but die wealthy is.


You are right to point out the difference between the fantasy of wealth and the reality!

A fantasy doesn't include the responsibilities or problems that come with the real thing. It is 'play money' and a pipe dream and everything fun with no worries. The fantasy is that money will solve all problems, not that it will create new and different and maybe worse ones!