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RE: A new direction for 2020

'Kids say the darndest things.' Kids have a tendency to cut through the crap that we have gradually been convinced moderates and affects the facts. Things they learn literally form permanent neuronal networks in their brain, that forever after impact how they think. Supporting their tendency to veracity with simple factual information, like 'sharing requires ownership', and 'doctors serve who pays them', is not only good for kids, but for the society they will control when they attain majority.

I've enjoyed the Venns because they enabled me to grasp how war profiteering was ongoing in real terms. I approve of your new focus, however, because I reckon it's more important to enable our posterity to better control war profiteering than that I know a damn thing about it.



Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words! You'd be surprised how little I hear it.

You have an agile mind, a good heart, and sound work ethic. I am surprised you aren't overwhelmed with folks grateful for that constantly.

Just so you hear it again =)