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Let's go back in time a little bit to a post from @berniesanders about @instructor2121 and his scheme.

So if you don't really want to read bernie's post this is a shorter version - people were pretty much exploited - imagine you make a post with your own art and you make 3 STEEM in rewards. And now imagine that for example an art-trail steal your art, make a post and because the trail is so big they rake over 100 STEEM in rewards and nothing from these rewards goes to you. Even though you didn't give them any permission. This kind of exploitation was happening with all the -trail accounts.

I can't really tell what is happening with this scheme nowadays, because their discord server is pretty dead and @instructor2121 powered-down almost everything he had in his account. However, some of the -trails are still alive to this day.

So why am I making this post and actually buying votes so everyone can see? Because obviously @instructor2121 is still the same scumbag as he was a year ago.

You may actually not know anything about VIVA or Tradeqwik exchange. I think it mostly depends on how long are you on steemit. Many of your popular steemians wrote about VIVA in the past (@kevinwong for example). Well obviously it was a big scam and a lot of funds were stolen by this one guy who is now in a jail for alleged child sodomy and many other things.

Some funds were actually retrieved, mostly STEEM. These assets were later transfered to @tqn account, where they stayed for safekeeping and waited here for some kind of "audit" from the VIVA team. These retrieved assets were obviously not enough to pay everyone back.

Well the audit took for so long that 3 months ago I had an idea to power up this STEEM and delegate it to some bid bot, because @tqn account still have over 35000 liquid STEEM. Monthly it would be over 350$ in earnings (if smartsteem would be used) that could be then used for people that lost money in this scam. Retrieving everything would take a very long time, but it is not impossible and still better than nothing.

Well @instructor2121 doesn't really like this idea. He thought I would use the upvotes for myself. Funny that he said that, because do you know what happened like a week ago? He POWERED-UP the STEEM and DELEGATED it to himself! With no info given! This is what I call a theft.

The votes (- money) are then used for his trails and accounts such as @factsout, @arena-esports, @cooperacion, @surrenderall and many more that have nothing to do with VIVA or TQN community at all.

You can check for yourself here - https://steemdb.com/@instructor2121/votes

So why did @instructor2121 start with it just now? He probably waited for VIVA community to forget that these funds are theirs. He obviously just wanted to use the funds for himself and his friends.

Props to you and @anotherjoe for retrieving something, but this is just plain wrong.

Gotcha scumbag.


@instructor2121 in the comments pretty much said that those are his funds and nobody elses. So he is even bigger scumbag now. He is so stubborn that he doesn't even want to try resolving this whole situation differently - maybe even in a better way.

I also thought that the keys to the @tqn account had @anotherjoe, but it seems @instructor2121 never gave him the keys and kept them for yourself. What a shitshow.


Yes, it's sad that it turned out to be a den of scammers. One of my biggest mistakes. Gut feeling said it's a scam but I considered and took time with it as a friend was involved (not part of the devs). Never again.

(@kevinwong for example). Well obviously it was a big scam and a lot of funds were stolen by this one guy who is now in a jail

Whew! @kevinwong so glad to see you chimed in on the lead reply. The ambiguity in the wording of the highlighted text had me temporarily floored. Glad to know all remains well with you...smh.


I'm very sorry, Kevin. It's definitely one of the more painful events in my life, made worse because I helped influence others to the pain.

This is an interesting post.

I'm clueless regarding the allegations against this user; but, was inspired to write a post recently about crypto putting a new twist on the Bible verse citing money is at the root of all things evil.

If you'd like to read the still current post, here's the link:

Crypto Reminder That Money at Root of Everything Evil

Best regards.


My algebra 2 class freshman year of high school was taught by a really dull english woman. She told us that she started teaching because it seemed easy. All she would do is turn off all the lights and read the textbook to us every day. I had it first period so naturally it became my mid-morning nap.

This world have lot of scam people. Do not invest in a bot which promise to give you dollars against Steem power. It's your money please don't loose it because earning back is very difficult. @eirik

No-one invested in a bot

Ok. Thanks for the information.

Thank you very much for posting this post & post to let us know about this news.

25k STEEM and 8K SBD that I had in my wallet on TradeQwik belong to me. So, Im using my stake now and not just letting it sit. Seeing that I will never recoup the much larger sum i had invested. Thank you

Its not just your money. You can't claim it like that. In fact you argued against that kind of use.

Obviously in retrospect because you had your greedy little eyes on it.

You are a thief. Plain and simple.

Everyone had money on tradeqwik not just you, what you are doing is unjust!

That's a good point! Even if he did, wet so had money there. He can't decide what's left is now his..

I notice he is prominent by his absence

25k STEEM and 8K SBD that I had in my wallet on TradeQwik

Can you actually verify that ? What's your viva-ID?

@instructor2121 - We should probably discuss exactly how that worked out for you soon, because there are some serious questions here with exactly how those funds got into your wallet on TQ, it sure as heck wasn't deposits and we're going to want to work all that out at a later time. But for now, you need to work with the audit team to get these funds back to customers, if you want any indemnification at all.

Up until I read this comment, I had assumed good faith on your part. The assumption being that you saw Enrique aka @paul.allen abusing his DB access in my absence and transferring thousands to himself and decided to step up and be a fiduciary.

If this is not the case, and you have no plans to return the funds to customers, then you're going to be sharing in the legal and financial liabilities of the platform. The blockchain never forgets and VHL will recover all customer funds held by fiduciaries whether they were authorized or not.

Also consider this your notification that using the @tradeqwik account in any manner not explicitly authorized by VHL would not only be breach of contract, but also a violation of the CFAA.

Please send an email to [email protected] from a valid email address for you and let's work out a plan to make the customers whole who trusted us and in my absence, you, with their money.

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Thank you for posting such a good article and thanks to inform us about the scams going on , well i am little bit worried about my accounts is there any chances of theft of steem in my accounts and by what ways can we increase our account safety. @eirik

The user @tradeqwik hasn't made any post since 6 months. That allows many suspects...

Jmho...but anything called trade quick(ly) might be a red herring...

So often, there are clear subliminals in the names of certain projects.

I don't know anything about @tradeqwik; but, 6 months of inactivity sounds a little 'fishy'...yes, pun intended.


...and Whoa!!! The website is 503 right now....

...and VIVAcoin is just a good memory from a past i haven't knew yet.

nice post and information

The reward pool can't be raped as each user controls their own stake. Nobody can take from anyone else. Every user in the trail signed up and decided to use their stake in those trails. So, who is getting raped?

I don't know anything about VIVA, but have you tried just talking to Instructor2121?

Flagged for spreading the "Reward Pool Rape" bs which confuses new users.

You are kind of right. I changed it to "be exploited".

As you can see in the comments instructor resolved it his way - he pretty much said those are his funds and nobody elses. What a joke. He really though he will get away with it.

I am not trying to be difficult here, but how is it exploiting someone if they consciously make a decision to sign up for a voting service and select who they want to follow?

Best of luck with Viva, I've known Instructor2121 online only for 2 years. I don't consider him to be a scumbag in any way. Sounds like a really difficult situation for all involved. Sorry about your loss, my flag was small and I appreciate the response.

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