Why humans like bigger,better,easier.?Are you intrested?

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Hey guys,I just want o thank you for all the support so far I really appreciate it,I really do.
So today's post is going to be about a little something that has been picking at my brain for a while now,I wanted to post this earlier but just could not so sorry for that but i am going to post it now.

Why Do We Like Bigger And Better.
Ever since the beginning of time man has wanted bigger better, but why?
Well you see a short story or explanation that i was once told is that a small village had chosen a new chief and this chief had a small little house and no one respected him,so he build a huge mansion and then he was given more respect.The real message is not that the bigger it is the better but,that if you work hard you will be respected.But this was lost in conjunction and that is how we got to bigger is better.Many men did not believe that size in reality was the better but size i mind,so that is where the USB comes in.

If We Like Bigger And Better Then Why Do We Use USB's
In the reality the USB is smaller so why do we say it is bigger and better?
well as its size in mind is big but size in reality is small it is more efficient.
Why so?
Well it is smaller so more convenient.
It has a larger storage space,more may be held on it.
This post may be out of context as people are coming up with smaller more efficient ways than the USB.
But,men are also creating bigger bombs and bigger TV screens and so on so the question still remains,is bigger better.

Now I will not answer that as everyone has there own opinion and everyone is titled to their own opinion.
I will let it be discussed in the comments down below.
Till next time.