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In this present period of high innovation, the utilization of web and the inundation of individuals have made a galactic ascent in the appropriation of blockchain innovation. The appropriation of blockchain innovation has achieved the development of HONEYPOD. These days, the advantage web brings are self-evident: It makes life less demanding and conveys individuals closer to one another. Then again, the web has its negative side. In any case, 75% of sites today have outsider or promotion based following frameworks introduced to screen client's exercises. Google and Facebook are an ideal precedent as they will, in general, make concealed following instrument to track and screen clients exercises. Absent much delay, HONEYPOD was destined to upset the web.

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Investigating progressive blockchain innovation. The HoneyPod gadget is extremely secure, private, and versatile and furthermore offers its clients the largest amount of obscurity while getting to the web at whatever point their PCs and cell phones are associated with HoneyPod. The HoneyPod Solution doesn't come in any sort of an application however a key gadget that basically should be related to client gadgets shielding it from suspicious exercises. It has a multi-layer structure of security that makes clients arranged to utilize the web without stressing over programmers and different sorts of difficulties. It, in addition, empowers clients to obstruct any site they don't need and make just the ones they request open. This choice enables them to be free from futile advancements and malware that may be risky to them or their gadgets. Being a steady client of this errand pulls in different inclinations which are given in kind of cash or tokens. They can in like way gain from mining or from audit an undefined number of advancements from they can see. Considering the way in which that trades are done, the web should be totally guaranteed and the security brought by Honeypod is helpful in that perspective and even makes the activities snappier. All clients will most likely utilize the token given in the stage and that will make them arranged to utilize the contraption with any gadget at all. The honeypod contraption won't simply be for certain gadgets yet all through the entire as they have web get to.


🌀 Honeypod is an information parcel approval, order, verification system that is created and made to deny information bundles that are risky, malignant while getting to the web flawlessly immediately or interference.

🌀 Honeypod was likewise made to kill web outsider snooping and bandwidth obstructing. Honeypod encourages clients to evacuate and take out an ad, GPS beacons, and malware.

🌀 Honeypod influences blockchain innovation to alter the web. It likewise uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance calculation to confirm and approve the security of client's information. It additionally verifies online exchanges.

🌀 Honeypod uses the Stellar Blockchain to give a protected and consistent exchange. This calculation will help confirm the security of SSL endorsements and wipe out phishing assault.

🌀 Honeypod likewise approves and guarantees that all information conveyed of the system is verified utilizing 256-piece encryption.

🌀 Honeypod gives clients all-out access and authority over their web association.

🌀 Honeypod likewise secures the whole web association notwithstanding when a program isn't open.

Asides influencing clients to have the capacity to get to the web safely, HoneyPod will make them arranged to buy digital currencies and perform online exchanges safely without stress since clients are in charge. It is an ideal value-based stage that makes clients pay for associations rapidly and successfully.
The stage furnishes its clients with complete protection while getting to the web. By obstructing and include HoneyPod offers a faster perusing pace and rewards its clients for getting to the web through HoneyPod.


Token Symbol: HNY

Token Type : Utility

Pre ICO Price : 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD

ICO Price : 1 HNY = 0.05 USD

Platform : Stellar

Tolerating : BTC, ETH, XLM

Least speculation 1,500 USD

soft cap: 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 10,000,000 USD



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