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Hello, Newbians! This time we will try to break down a revolutionary project that could face up with our main problems today. The internet access. Why do we want to discuss that problem? Well, it’s mainly because in this fast-growing era where the use of internet access becomes mandatory in our lives.

The internet is constantly growing since its first introduction to the public in 1991. The internet has evolved from a mere curiosity to what it called today, a necessity. We can not deny that almost all of our lives are interconnected to the internet. Even from a simple little thing like sharing our pictures with other people to the most complex like now, the blockchain technology. All of them are required to be connected to the internet. And all of that cannot be overstated for sure (no pun intended).

But there always be some obstacles that need to take down for something such that important thing like that. We need a high cost to get the access to the internet. And the lack of routers publicly (because the geographically limited) become the thing that can be possibly complained from the modern internet users like us.

And that’s where this revolutionary project: WORLD WI-FI kicks in!

To give you an image of what and how this new project can solve all of those problems above, watch this short video about the project.

So, now we will discuss some major problems challenges that we, the internet users, faced and how the WORLD WI-FI project can overcome them.

  1. The first one is the lack of connectivity because of the speed limit of the connection due to maximum traffic, speed, and the cost. It is also because there are private locked Wi-Fi networks that are impossible to connect to.
  2. The high cost of internet access by the internet providers (a.k.a the host).
  3. The lack of financial resources, where we want to make some additional money but do not know how to do that.

WORLD WI-FI Solutions

From those 3 challenges, the WORLD Wi-Fi project has already presented the solutions for us.

  1. WORLD Wi-Fi project enables free Wi-Fi access using private routers, along with sharing free internet access in high traffic areas, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, playgrounds and sports grounds.
  2. WORLD Wi-Fi project enables free Wi-Fi connection globally. The internet access becomes free, as the users just need to watch a small ad (10-15 seconds).
  3. WORLD Wi-Fi platform provides for an accrual of tokens for showing the ads from the advertisers. By sharing the Wi-Fi and displaying the ads within the advertisers’ network, the host will be able to earn cryptocurrency by sharing their Wi-Fi.

How Does The Project Work?

There are 2 step-by-step manuals for the router owners and the advertisers.

For the router owners:

For the advertisers:

And moreover, to those who want to make money from the development of the WORLD Wi-Fi platform, they only need to do this:

From those step-by-step above, the router owners or the advertisers are ready to earn the cryptocurrency by providing free Wi-Fi connection for everyone.

What Are The Benefits Of WORLD Wi-Fi Project?

According to the UN Report on Global Broadband Progress dated September 18,
2017, the number of Internet users in the world is 3.58 billion people (the total population of the planet is 7.6 billion).

That means, there are A LOT of users out there, seeks for the Wi-Fi connection that is ready to watch short-time ads for internet connection.

And that also means that there are A LOT of opportunities from the router owners and the advertisers to earn cryptocurrency by providing the internet connection and showing their ads.

Okay, enough with the introduction and now let’s see the roadmap of this revolutionary project.

The WORLD Wi-Fi project create their own tokens that based on ERC 223, WT with the token sale details below.

1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in the World Wi-Fi = $0.134.

Token distribution

  • PRE-SALE and TOKEN SALE: 43%;
  • Team: 5%;
  • Advisers 3%;
  • Bounty 2 %.
  • Frozen assets:
  • Founders – 7% (frozen for 1 year);
  • Future development – 40% (frozen for 1-5 years).

Future development and token distribution for next years:

  • The 2nd year – there can be sold no more than 10%;
  • The 3rd year – there can be sold no more than 20%;
  • The 4th year – not more than 30%;
  • The 5th year – the token selling restriction is removed.

For more detailed information about this project, you can find them in the links below.






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