What are Deep Web Red Rooms?

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"A Red Room is a composite of urban legend and it is a dark/hidden website service available on the Deep Web where you can participate in interactive torture or murder. This red room generally contains explicit harassment and torture subjected by a command given by an evil person online. The evil intentioned person will pay for the torture online where the video is been live telecasted on the internet"

"Dark web red rooms are believed to be darknet sites where people can watch live, interactive torture, rape, or murder.

Red rooms are believed to contain explicit torture content subjected by an admin who receives instructions from paying viewers. Simply put, red rooms operate in a similar manner like auctions only that auctions aren’t about torturing people. Users will pay to watch torture online while the admin does whatever the highest bidder wants to be done to the captive."

"Two Italian teenagers have been accused of paying Bitcoin to watch children be sexually abused, tortured and murdered.

The boy and girl, both 17, became the latest to be arrested as part of Italy's "Operation Delirio". Since its launch in October last year, 19 of the 25 people taken into custody have been under 18.

According to Il Messaggero, searches on computer equipment belonging to the two Piedmont teens uncovered evidence they were using the cryptocurrency "to witness live torture of almost any kind, which almost always end with the death of the child.""


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