I've got an offer from Google!

in #internship4 years ago

I'm so exited!

Today I got a call from my recruiter, saying the team I've interviewed with last week are really impressed by me (probably a generic way of saying it, I would settle for just 'want you') and we are moving forward to an offer!

I'm so glad, I wanted it so badly, worked on it so hard, and it payed off!!!

The team I will be working with deals with Live Results, it means that my project will be viewed and used by millions of people instantly.

illustration of me super happy (taken after winning the hackathon)

I will keep you updated, just wanted to share the great, amazing news :-)


OMG noogler, you're a googler!!! I am proud of you. SO PROUD. Didn't I sat, like, yesterday that you are going places? I did. Yes. I am sitting here smiling. <3 <3 <3

You are believing in me more than I do:-/
Thank you <3

It's very often like that.... People believe in us and we don't believe in ourself. We have to learn how to believe in ourself girlz !!!! We are woman with intelligence and intelligence is our power ! You go girl !

I also learned that I often underestimate myself. It's usually harmless, but in work and the professional world it's really bad. I've learned (and working on it ever since) to say the things I've done without saying it was easy/luck etc.

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his beautiful postings, dropped in my account and upvote

OMG! I'm so happy for you!
maybe they'll do a custom search engine for Parashat Ashavua hehe. Yes, I remember what you wrote!

Wow! you actually remember, it's remarkable!
Thank you!

Congratulations,hope you’re very happy and successful there.

Whaaaat !!!!!!! CONGRATULATION @noogler !!!!!

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Congrats to be a Noogler :)

Congrats !! :)

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