A Ban On Children’s Reality Shows

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TV has been following the same trend, it seems as kids reality shows are quite popular. If the statistics are to go by, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs is currently ruling the TRP charts. While on one hand, shows involving kids are quite popular on TV, filmmaker Shoojit Sircar is worried for the kids.
Child beauty pageants and reality shows have earned a lot of flak all across the globe, and legitimately so. What may seem like a cute display of adorable kids frolicking around on stage, in full blown makeup, actually reeks of exploitation.
In India, there has been a sudden boom in a bunch of reality shows featuring mostly pre-pubescent participants – from Sabse Bada Kalakar to Super Dancer to Junior Masterchef (which is the desi counterpart of the hit international series). They regularly get high TRPs, which makes these shows anything but fun and frivolous behind the scenes.
One of the concerned people about the rising popularity of such reality shows happens to be the director of the film Piku and the producer of Pink, Shoojit Sircar. He took to Twitter to send out an open call for banning all reality shows involving children, “Humble request to authorities to urgently ban all reality shows involving children. It’s actually destroying them emotionally and their purity.”

What is your view on this ban request.


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