SteemNova 2, DMusicShop and magic

in #intintedaolast year

It's been over a month since the new version of SteemNova 2. It's worth boasting about what we're working on, what we want to achieve, and what we've achieved.

The new SteemNova!

SteemNova 2 started at the beginning of December 2019, in a few days it reached 264 accounts which is quite a good result for Steem's network.

All the time the project is being updated and minor bugs are being fixed (many big bugs have been fixed long time ago). There were a few bugs, but I hope they didn't have a negative impact.

SteemNova and the economy

What we want to introduce in SteemNova is the whole economy system. Initially, the plan was to introduce a system to support posts for Dark Matter. It needs to be improved, because unfortunately it has bugs.

We're also slowly raising funds to exchange Dark Matter for Steem. If anyone wants to get money today, let them write a private message that they have X Dark Matter and want to exchange it for Steem. The converter is in Satoshi (1000 DM = 1000 Satoshi = X Steem).

DMusicShop - end?

DMusicShop is a project that was supposed to support music creators, on the other hand, to give funds to support IntinteDAO. Unfortunately Steemcleaners are fighting with such projects, so this project will have to be closed. I hope that other projects will not be closed ...

If you have any questions, let me know!